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  1. Dutchess66

    I uses to be a member of QSMB

    Hi Diane, How nice to hear from you and I find it wonderful to read about your holidays. Please brag as much as you like! I agree with you: being a non-smoker or ex-smoker has so many advantages. Glad our eyes were opened to see them. Have a nice day! Dutchess
  2. Dutchess66

    Dutchess66 is 15 Months Smoke Free!!!

    Thank you for reminding me! I promiss I will celebrate this day. 😁 Dutchess
  3. Dutchess66

    Death Bed Promises

    Hi Beazel, Your mother must be very proud of you. Your daughter even more! And last but not least: you. O, btw I’m proud that we both walked the walk together. Love, Dutchess
  4. Dutchess66


    We are all people right? Very good you are here now and you know the drill: not one puff ever. Well, maybe when you are 100 years old, but by that time smoking is so old fashioned and expensive: lol. Dutchess
  5. Dutchess66

    Jillar is 2 Years Quit Today

    So well deserved! Congratulations on two whole years of freedom! Love, Dutchess
  6. Dutchess66

    Let's Have a Bonfire!!

    8,684 Eight Thousand Six Hundred and Eighty Four times I did not pollute myself and my dear environment. Yeah! 👊🏼👍🏻👏🏼👽 🇳🇱 Dutchess
  7. Dutchess66

    Huntressd Is 9 Months Quit Today!!

    It seems a long time ago now right? Congratulations! Dutchess
  8. Dutchess66

    Gordo is 1 Month Quit Today!!

    Hey Gordo, I hope you’re feeling good and proud. Keep up the good work! Dutchess
  9. Dutchess66

    Katie is 2 Months Quit Today!!

    What a relief. Two months already. Now keep on quitting. Dutchess
  10. Dutchess66

    Giveintowin Is 5 Months Quit Today!!

    Five whole months! Congratulations! Dutchess
  11. Dutchess66

    Putnaminn Is 10 Months Quit Today!!

    Wow! Double digits! I hope you can celebrate somehow today, because you really deserve it. I’m very proud to have walked aside you. See you on the Lido Deck real soon! Dutchess
  12. Dutchess66

    Losing my way

    Wow! 80-plus days without this so called ‘friend’. You know he’s not your buddy! Buddy’s don’t want to kill you, do they? Good idea to get in early. It might help to relax a bit more. Hang in there! Dutchess
  13. Dutchess66

    My Quit Day!

    Hi Beaglelover, I don’t know what made you to decide this, but please be aware this is one of the best decisions you ever made. It’s not an easy one, but here you are in the right place with many people who know what you are going through. Use it! Dutchess
  14. Dutchess66

    Weaning off Champix

    Hi Roopy, I used Chantix for more than 3 months, although the last weeks not the full dose. One a day, or every other day. After that when the stress levels were too high I sometimes took half a pill. So I weaned off very slowly and listened to my heart. But hey that’s me. If you think you need Chantix a little longer, please do. As long as your quit stays in tact. Good luck! Dutchess

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