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  1. Weaning off Champix

    Good job Roopy. I quit Champix cold turkey when the weekend the old board went down. I felt a little loopy (more than usual) for three or four days. I also remember a couple (like two) cravings that seemed a little out of the ordinary. Aside from that it was all good. R
  2. Two and a half months. I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m sitting in a Coffee Shop parking lot doing some reflecting. I’ve just come from the Heart Clinic where I was directed after I had a heart ‘event’ a week ago. Pressure on the chest, sweating, anxiety. So far all is good. A bunch of tests, and I’m wearing a monitor for a couple days, then all the bright folks will take a guess at what’s going on. My guess, i smoked too long and did some damage to my heart/lungs. Thirty four years of smoking comes at a cost. Like all of us, i am under tremendous life pressures, and certainly this adds to the likelihood that my health will suffer. I suppose if I can impart any message here it’s this, keep the quit and get checked out by your doctor if something seems odd. Peace R
  3. Monday 19 March 2018

    Still nope
  4. Tough week

  5. Tuesday 6th March 2018

  6. Lin-quitting Is On The Lido Deck!!

    I am soooooooooooo friggin happy for you :-)
  7. Octain is 2 Months Quit Today!!

    Congrats. We are around the same quit time. I'm happy to see we are both here and doing fine.
  8. QuitTrain and QSMB !!!!

    There is such a vast difference between the board members. I put on my pants one leg at a time, reciprocity doesn't appear to wear pants. You folks have been great. I'm not one for change really. It took me something like 273,000 smokes to figure out that I could stop. I really need/needed a place to vent/rant so that I wouldn't go outside and have number 273,001. There is a common bond already between us, once we get to know one another you'll get to understand that keeping the coocoo inside the clock is tough with all of us :-) I really do miss going back and reading some of the things that I used on the old board. My own posts from as far back as 2014 were some of my motivation for no wanting to ever quit again. The people on the board are sometimes what helps me not smoke. Knowing that if I just come hear and write, and read, and read, and write, that enough time will have passed that I won't need a smoke. It is a very fragile thing for me, there were folks on Q that I used as mentors and there are folks that I want to help in their quit. It's therapeutic for me. Something I finally came to terms with because of a few special folks is that I am a NICOTINE ADDICT. I can not help myself if I smoke. Not a single puff. A little time, and a little trust, and we will be one big neurotic family who doesn't lite things on fire and put them in our mouths. I wish you all peace in your quit R
  9. Monday 5th March 2018

  10. RoryPlog is 2 Months Quit Today!!

    Thank you very much reciprocity. I would like to thank all the little people :-) Mostly I want to shout out to all the folks new and old that have listened to my ramblings without correctly judging that I am losing my mind :-) R
  11. This is it!

    Strap on your seatbelt, keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times. Fender's aren't just on cars, and Gibson's isn't just a cool little town on the Sunshine Coast. if there's help you need it's likely here somewhere. Peace R
  12. Sunday 4th March 2018

  13. Saturday 3rd March 2018

  14. Is it detox or time to see a quack

    No end to the weird things my head and body have been doing since I quit. There must be a English to Melbourne translator program on this computer somewhere :-) Hang in there R
  15. Another homeless vagabond

    Good job finding us all Andy, I feel a little bad for the folks who only occasionally checked in

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