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  1. RoryPlog

    RoryPlog is 5 Month's Smoke Free

    Lmao. I’m not sure I can play blackbird
  2. RoryPlog

    RoryPlog is 5 Month's Smoke Free

    You all rock thank you so much. Five months, five months without a smoke. My little app thing said I hadn’t smoked 4,000 smokes not long ago. Four - thousand I’m almost not part of the non smoking culture now. I don’t get up and take a walk outside every hour just to see what I’m missing. I starting taking pictures, and video, and fishing more. I play guitar almost every day. Life has thrown a few giant left hooks at me in these five months. Hard, stare at yourself in the mirror kind of punches. Sometimes I catch myself looking over my shoulder to see if a craving is coming. My heart pounds, my legs twitch, there is a migraine in the back of my head that thankfully doesn’t seem to surface. My appetite is off, but my weight has remained consistent. Friends, without forgetting that every moment is a chance for me to fail, I feel like ‘I quit’ smoking. Let me just remark on the distinction, I don’t feel so much like I am quitting. I’m not obsessing about smoking. I just look at a smoker, and think I used to do that. I smell it and think that’s what smoking smells like. This for me is new territory. The fragile balance of ‘no mans land’. I’m sorry that I don’t come here often and try to help. For me lately, I’ve just not had my mind steered towards smoking and needing to fill the void. Funny when the old Q board died, I think my ability to go back through my posts through 10 years of quitting died with it. Along with that my compulsion and obsession were muted. I need you folks to be here please. It’s horribly selfish, but when I have a moment this is my haven. You all are what makes the chaos of quitting bearable, manageable and you bring just that little bit of hope that gets me through. Thank you you all again. Your in my thoughts. Peace Rory
  3. RoryPlog

    2018 Quitters Check In

    Doing good. Sorry I haven’t been around much, but want you all to know my quit, and you folks mean a lot to me. Keep The Quit peace R
  4. RoryPlog

    Roopy is 3 Months Quit Today!!

    Congrats Roopy
  5. RoryPlog

    RoryPlog is 4 Months Quit Today!!

    Feeling the love. Thank you all very much. I am doing really well. The moments of crave are farther apart, sometimes days. I am not obsessing like previous attempts. My health is slowly improving. I have been checked head to toe, stress tested, arteries ultrasounded. I have some blockage, but as long as I stay off the smokes my doctors have told me I won’t have to take pills or have any repairs done for the near future. This is huge news. I sadly will admit, since I quit I felt my health sliding, my energy has disappeared, I was afraid that my quit was too late. I know I smoked too long. I am happy that for the time being my body will begin to mend and the smoking seems to be fading into a nasty memory. Your constant support is huge, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Rory
  6. RoryPlog

    RoryPlog is 3 Months Quit Today!!

    Thank all for your continued support. Still got this. NOPE R
  7. RoryPlog

    RoryPlog is 3 Months Quit Today!!

    Thank you all so much. Wow, three months. I just might survive this after all :-)
  8. RoryPlog

    Spring is almost here

    15-20 cm of snow promised for tomorrow. So much for spring. Day 88 today. No results yet (which I hope is good news) but feeling ok. Mostly, I feel like I haven’t smoked through a ton of misery and for that I’m thankful. A long tricky road this quitting. A couple folks around me ‘fell off the wagon’ lately. I had a little argument with myself this weekend that maybe they were doing the right thing. I mean, I can see from an outside perspective that my quit might be getting ‘a little old’. Dont panic, I’m just having a little pity party. The lido deck seems like a lifetime away. The little victories don’t have quite as much uhhhmph. On a funny note, I vaped some pot on the weekend. This isn’t a normal thing for me (neither vaping or getting stoned). It made me want a smoke for a short time. Then made me mad that I wanted a smoke. Then made me wonder if vaping pot was actually cheating my quit. All in all not a great experience, but it did make me laugh at myself which I think I need lately. Reafing back, it looks like I needed a little company tonight. Thanks all for being there. R
  9. RoryPlog

    Found you again!

    Glad you found us
  10. RoryPlog

    Weaning off Champix

    Good job Roopy. I quit Champix cold turkey when the weekend the old board went down. I felt a little loopy (more than usual) for three or four days. I also remember a couple (like two) cravings that seemed a little out of the ordinary. Aside from that it was all good. R
  11. Two and a half months. I’m pretty proud of myself. I’m sitting in a Coffee Shop parking lot doing some reflecting. I’ve just come from the Heart Clinic where I was directed after I had a heart ‘event’ a week ago. Pressure on the chest, sweating, anxiety. So far all is good. A bunch of tests, and I’m wearing a monitor for a couple days, then all the bright folks will take a guess at what’s going on. My guess, i smoked too long and did some damage to my heart/lungs. Thirty four years of smoking comes at a cost. Like all of us, i am under tremendous life pressures, and certainly this adds to the likelihood that my health will suffer. I suppose if I can impart any message here it’s this, keep the quit and get checked out by your doctor if something seems odd. Peace R
  12. RoryPlog

    Monday 19 March 2018

    Still nope
  13. RoryPlog

    Tough week

  14. RoryPlog

    Tuesday 6th March 2018

  15. RoryPlog

    Lin-quitting Is On The Lido Deck!!

    I am soooooooooooo friggin happy for you :-)

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