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  1. Slap,slap,slap slap

    Boo, you better quit messing with Doreen. What will happen if she will pull out a two foot long paddle with holes in it and spank your ass like it is never been spanked before
  2. Quit smoking app

    I assume it is a free app? What if it said "contains ads" and it ended up being pop-up ads for tobacco? How hilarious would that be?
  3. 5 days!

    Of course at three weeks and three months there is sometimes a nasty battle where we want like hell to smoke again. Just keep in mind that you were able to go 11 days without a smoke, so you KNOW you can survive without another coffin nail. So by now, notice how food actually taste better and you can smell stuff again? Plus, all the stupid inconveniences of smoking are no longer a bother. Like trying not to run out, having to make a special trip to the store, lighters stocked, etc...
  4. BAT is 4 Years Quit Today!!

    Right on bat. It is good to see people are posting sexy GIFs for you Next year - same guy but in fishnets with those short shorts. You can do it.
  5. Super Newbie just signed up

    Yeah. A lot of fun people, good jokes, this and that. Once in a while, we even discuss matters concerning quitting smoking.
  6. Fell asleep in the chair last night

    The mouth dropping open and snoring is to keep the flies away
  7. My turn i guess. (trigger warnings)

    Update - I only smoked about 12 packs of Camel non-filters since starting this thread so I am not doing too bad. Only two packs a day. OK kidding aside - I managed to make it through that tough period. At some point Sunday Jan 14th, it is like the intense craves just kind of stopped. They hit hard and sudden then just... gone. So I guess it is back down to "I would like one" instead of going nuts wanting one.
  8. I quit. That's that.

    Berk, you are doing great. One thing I was not prepared for though so hopefully others can be is this - At some point (three months for me) cravings come back and hit real hard. When that day (or days) does come, do NOT give in. I almost did myself but would now be back at square one.
  9. This day last week

    It doesn't take long for our bodies to make great strides in recovery after we quit. Pretty nice really because even though the lungs may take a while to repair but at least we get to enjoy things like no rattling, mouth not feeling as gross, not smelling like an ash tray, being able to taste and smell, etc within a few days.
  10. Crazy smoking dream

    Dreams seldom have anything to do with what we want to do or not in waking life. I had dreams once in a while that I was smoking years before i started. I do not think there is any rhyme or reason to dreams. They can be interesting though. It is kind of a relief waking up from a smoking dream and realizing we didn't actually smoke.
  11. Retirement approaches...maybe.

    I gotta say this about people retiring or planning on it - sometimes they are trying to calculate their retirement savings but their obstacles include - paying off a divorce settlement or two, paying off a house, credit cards, putting their two or three kids through some fancy college, trying to buy a new car... I think, Just how much were they making in the first place?! Everyone always acts like they do not have a pot to piss in yet some people are high six/low seven figures in the hole from above things, trying to maintain everyday expenses, AND they are saving money? Sirius - All that sounds like great advice! But, it is also like explaining a Thanksgiving dinner recipe to some starving family in Ethiopia. Well like, socking away $1,000 a month right now isn't quite possible as that is just about what I bring home. Of course the GOVT thinks I am rich. I buy brand name hot dogs! I do not have any assets except an older car that would probably bring $1,000. But then I would not have a way around. I do have a room mate in this house that I "rent" but do not own. Breaking even there. Did you know the fastest way to cause someone to lose their job is to take them into your home to live? It is like the same week they move in, somehow they lose their job. Kind of like how loaning money to someone causes them to have amnesia. You know how some people sell off their stuff to try to raise money to retire or whatever? Used stuff, heirlooms, antiques etc doesn't bring in NEARLY the cash people think it will AND they are out the things they enjoy. What I have in the way of "things" ain't worth squat and I am sure not going to deprive myself of it just to make a few bucks that would soon be spent on some unexpected B.S. that life always throws our way. So tell me more about living down by the river?
  12. My turn i guess. (trigger warnings)

    Three months might have a battle in store. I was stupid though, looking through some smoking related junk on the web, old ads. But as quick as the hard crave came, it went. BTW, it looks now like you are on your 8th day, meaning MORE than a week Quit.
  13. So --- Finally the moment has come

    Weight gain may or may not happen but yeah, you will likely obsess about food for a while. However, do not be shocked if some foods start to taste gross. I can no longer eat peanut butter, it just tastes like a stale burp. Mostly though you just start to notice flavors a lot more. Even though, over-eating is probably better than smoking.
  14. Slap,slap,slap slap

    Mods/admin - If this song just isn't corny enough to be posted and must be deleted, I would hope I do not receive a warning. I try not to take sides in battle of the sexes but here it is - When the sticks are winning, they do a special chant. It is the same one heard at the beginning of this song. I heard this song last night at work, and besides thinking, "WT actual F?" I thought, I bet the sticks chant this when winning". So chicks, even when we are lagging behind, just let the sticks have their fun. it ain't gonna kill us except we might die laughing. THAT is how I want to go.
  15. Hello From Me.

    Get back when you can. Kind of nice when a familiar face sticks around.

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