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    My nervous system is now shot to hell since quitting smoking. Nicotine is nerve insulation.
    So not only do I actually smell and taste stuff, i have noticed what dumb asses people can be.
    Yay for quitting smoking.
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  1. Jetblack

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    three days, three weeks, and three months are times when craves tend to hit hardest. These are the hardest tests of one's willpower. But now before you go worrying about the three month mark, just when you get there (and until then), try to avoid any and all temptation to smoke. I never had the three week battle for some reason but three months - I was scrap booking some old magazines which are chock full of tobacco ads. For you - You are right at the three week mark. Yeah it will take a couple days for the nicobitch to shut her trap but then the craves will tone down to a low roar again. Junk food? Hell yeah! When I quit, I was obsessed with food. You probably won;t gain nearly the weight you are imagining. Maybe five pounds, maybe. Look, the nicobitch (voice in your head telling you to smoke) is throwing a shit fit right now. Cussing, demanding, throwing things, acting like a spoiled small child. So then, tell her to go back to hell and starve some more. You won't believe this but one day the "negotiations" with her will be more like this - Nicobitch - "Linda, you know, I was wondering if maybe, if it is ok..." Linda - "Go fcuk yourself" And the crave will go away. It won't have the energy, due to starvation, to fight or have tantrums. We have had several people who come in, have quit for several days or a few weeks and then just give up, go back to smoking, and vanish. Do not be one of them. REFUSE to give in to craves. It is hard at times but you cannot give in.
  2. I guess the main one - I thought I should quit while I was ahead instead of developing some horrid illness. I didn't have any real health scares but I was tired of hearing my lungs rattle at night when falling asleep. A lot of times when I would laugh, I would start coughing. "Morning mouth" was super disgusting instead of just normal gross like a non smoker. Others were - Inconvenience. What if I were in a situation, like staying in the hospital, and couldn't smoke? Plus things like having to roll the smokes. Just a PITA. It was just getting gross. Everything stank, was turning yellow, cigarette ash and butts. Cost was not really a problem. RYO cigarettes costs maybe $10 a week which is nothing really. But then that is $10 more that I am now able to spend on other crap I don't need.
  3. So we know what a smoking one is like. It is like even close to a year later and some of us still get craves. Though mine are not strong like at three months but lately I want to set a bag of tobacco on fire and just breathe deep. with my face close to it. Anyways, so when people get hooked on other crap like booze or hard drugs, do they also have a long fight ahead of the dealing with withdrawals at first then on/off craves from months? I have never been addicted to anything other than tobacco (unless you want to count sugar and shopping as addictions) Yeah one could probably look this up but just wondering what people say first hand. You know web sites blow things out of proportion. I still remember reading how nicotine addiction was worse than trying to break addiction to crack, heroin, weed, speed, meth, huffing glue and paint, alcohol, and sniffing homeless people underwear combined. So what of it?
  4. Jetblack

    Whip it Good.

    Did you speak any four letter words when it happened?
  5. Jetblack

    Now Don't Get Me Wrong...

    You mean you don't look at it and say, "what the heck, I have time. Nothing like listening to her B.S. to start the day".
  6. Jetblack

    Man. Guess what we get to do at work today?

    They brought in some pretty good food. So while the video played, I think most of us were concentrating on our food anyways. TBH i am not even sure if the boss was paying any attention. Would have been hilarious if the banner wasn't about safety. With people scrambling, why am I getting this image of someone diving away from an explosion like in an action movie?
  7. Jetblack

    Now Don't Get Me Wrong...

    Yeah but how does someone stay smoke free if even after four years they want one? I know the craves are no where near as bad as a new quit but still... I wonder of maybe it is the same thought I have about dating which is "Yeah it would be nice but not worth the problems that come with it".
  8. Jetblack

    Now Don't Get Me Wrong...

    Jim it is nice to see some other people here with an established quit also still sometimes crave a smoke. Some people act like it is an abomination to so much as miss it. Sometimes I would love one. I suppose it is like any habit or hobby that does more harm than good. Just missing/craving something isn't the same as actually doing it.
  9. We get to watch this motivational video pout together by the company! AND, we might even get to hear a speech about team work! I know what would just be the icing on the cake. If someone stood up and started singing.... "Sometimes in our lives we all have pain We all have sorrow But if we are wise We know that there's always tomorrow..." It would be an emotional moment, people singing, clapping, crying tears of joy, feeling motivated to work harder so the big boss gets richer... It should be a cinematic experience like no other. On the good side - there will be free food. And whatever, if we are getting paid to watch some bullshit great inspirational material, so be it
  10. Not all things that come from quitting smoking are good though - Ok so we know within a few days or couple weeks we get our senses of smell and taste back. Well great, so food tastes good again. But jesus christ, for 15 years (how long I smoked) I had NO idea my farts stank that bad! I just thought nothing stinky came out.
  11. Jetblack

    Quitting again

    Maybe stay away from smokers if possible. Do not have any tobacco laying around. If cold turkey does not work, maybe go through a few days of decreased smoking, like taking a few hits only when the crave hits hard. I did that, I allowed myself three cigarettes a day (down from 30 a day) for four days then when I was done, I was done. For me it was like a big cleaning project. A couple days before the big Quit I gave away what cigarettes I had left (maybe three packs), tossed the ash trays, and started cleaning things that had a lot of tobacco film. What helped me the most is that I really wanted to quit. Basically i got pissed off at the cigarettes and decided to rid them. That and it was getting harder to breathe. Figured i should stop killing myself.
  12. Jetblack

    August Roll Call !!!!

    Ok this isn't going to be easy - I know what everyone is thinking. I can explain though. Reci let me sit on his lap because all the other seats were taken. I enjoyed it, ok? Can't i just have this ONE without hearing a lecture?
  13. Jetblack

    Quittrain Quit Buddies

    I would just like to say that i was moved to tears from this beautiful post.
  14. Jetblack

    I still own an ashtray

    Lighters and matches are just tools anyways. Much like tape, a knife, sandpaper, whatever.
  15. Jetblack

    Holy Smoke!!!

    Sadly though peoples' lifestyles do carry a certain "fragrance". Drunkards, smokers, stoners, just whatever. Yes, stoners too. Stoners smell like someone ate a skunk and spent the night farting out the odor. What is strange though is that smokers who are otherwise clean (like showering each day) tend to not smell as bad. When it is some gross-ass nasty haired hasn't changed clothes this month looking slob, THOSE are the ones that typically stench the worst of tobacco. But yeah sometimes i would smell some nasty smoker and think, "Do I smell that bad?" That alone should be reason enough to quit smoking. Not be STANKIN'

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