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    My nervous system is now shot to hell since quitting smoking. Nicotine is nerve insulation.
    So not only do I actually smell and taste stuff, i have noticed what dumb asses people can be.
    Yay for quitting smoking.
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  1. More specifically, people that we hate but cannot avoid. Like a boss at work. The supervisor in my dept is pretty much the most despised person to ever set foot in the place and has been for years. It is so bad it is like this - You know when hated person shows up and people go, "Oh jeeze, IT is here". I think when she comes to work she goes, "Oh Jeeze, *I* am here". Like she even hates her own presence at work. When she calls off, things go smoother. We can work in peace, smile, maybe enjoy a laugh or two. Higher productivity, higher morale. All because when IT calls off, it is not in the way, not pissing people off, not walking around with that black storm cloud of misery hovering. It is like the second someone laughs or smiles, she steps around the G.D. corner with this scowl on her face like she caught you digging through her billfold. Might the f*** well just say, "There will be NO smiling or laughing during my watch!" Bitch. Now folks, hear this - when i first quit smoking, my biggest concern was, "OK, what happens when "it" pisses me off at work?" But "it" wasn't enough to cause relapse so I have NO concerns that anything else could. No sure how... But back to the point - With such people, do they know that everyone pretty much hates them? Do they know that if they fell off the face of the earth, people would say, "Good riddance, now we can work in peace". If they do know, do they enjoy the fact that their presence ruins everyone else's day? if so, why?
  2. Jetblack

    SOS - I just feel like garbage

    Yes. How many "quits" have been ruined because people thought "just one won't hurt"? I never understood why people would refrain from smoking for weeks or months then just give in. You have to decide for yourself if you are going to give in to tobacco again or not. If that pinch was ALL the tobacco you smoked since March 18th then personally i would say - don't beat yourself up but do stay away from it from now on. But if you have a habit of "sneaking in" tobacco very often, then it might be necessary to re-examine your "Quit". Tickers do not really matter in such a case. We each know if we have really stuck with "Quit" or not.
  3. So Saturday my room mate and i went to an event downtown at a park. Probably a couple thousand people there, hanging out, walking around mostly naked, whatever. It was after our local "Pride" parade. At one point it started raining pretty hard and we had to evacuate the park. Anyways one guy close to us was talking to his friend and saying, "...I am in my underwear..." (he really was). because it was storming and starting to get a bit chilly. I thought, "I know that next time you will wear some damned clothes". I, for one, at least was wearing a see-though nylon skirt. Anyways so later it quit raining and festivities carried on. I saw this group of three young women smoking their cigarettes. I do not know, it just looked weird somehow. I told my room mate, "I cannot believe I carried on for 15 years doing that crap". So later we went to some pizza joint and outside was a smoking section. It was like, "yep, feed that addiction". Yep, if someone smokes, they must take time out to feed that silly habit. Cannot live too long without it. Glad i gave up that junk.
  4. Jetblack

    She forgot I smoked

    Yeah the longer one goes without it, the more it is forgotten. So what you are saying then is at your stage of Quit, the nicodemon doesn't even bother asking for a smoke cause it knows what the answer will be? I still think though that when you were doing triathlons even as a smoker, it probably didn't even do any damage. So, you are clean. No downside to not smoking? Funny, I was thinking about that the other day and it is true. It was the root of so many problems.
  5. Jetblack

    Restless foot syndrome

    One thing that can cause restless foot or leg syndrome is when you have the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu. And for weegie - it is LGBT pride month, so i think plenty of people are seeing, hearing, and thinking more about them. Some of them male strippers are sure smoking though.
  6. Jetblack

    SOS - I just feel like garbage

    Three month battle. Tough time. it could last a couple days. Make it through this trying time and this is the final big battle. Sometimes the three-month mark (or close to it) is the worst. Do not be one of the members around here who run into a rough patch only to give in and go back to smoking.
  7. Jetblack

    Doreen's Vacation

    Can you imagine though when the nutty 1/2 dozen go to pick up Doreen? The bail officer will be like, "who in the Mother of F***s is THIS crowd of hooligans?" Side note - I think using this lady's photo on the web is prohibited because she just doesn't look psychotic enough. It won't be her herself showing up at your door since she is "relaxing" in a padded room. However, the web police might show up.
  8. Jetblack

    WeegieWoman is 7 Months Smoke Free

    Oh yeah even months later, we tend to have thoughts or craves for a smoke but at this point our resistance to it is plenty strong. And just think, you are FOUR months past the three-month-mark battle. Well, see you at the 8-month celebration
  9. Jetblack

    Sparkzzz is 8 Month Smoke Free

    Ain't it nice that at this point, the nicodemon doesn't even bother with tantrums anymore? It might shyly ask for a smoke but it already knows it will just get told to f*** off again? It is important to KTQ for two reasons - 1) no need to ruin one's health and waste money 2) Since Jo is now in charge of the celebrations dept, we cannot take smoking back up and give her an excuse to slack off posting milestones.
  10. Jetblack

    Jetblack is 8 Months Smoke Free

    I forgot it had been so long. Where the heck did eight months go? I remember feeling proud when the 72 hour mark had passed. I do not really look forward to the one year mark and here is why - At that point summer will be over officially AND unofficially. I have no plans to smoke though. Anyways I thank you all
  11. I am not going to pretend to be a med expert but did want to mention this - Sometimes the reason it is hard to get certain meds is because some people just go out and sell the pills. It makes it hard for those who do not abuse or sell their meds and really need it.
  12. Jetblack

    I'm Getting Off The Train Tonight !!!!

    Oh holy crap. Can you imagine it on the news?
  13. Jetblack

    What would you do?

    Like a couple others said - I cannot add much more so I am not going to respond to this one.
  14. I was looking through some recent yet past posts... There was one lady who was quit for almost a month but relapsed and has not been heard from since. Seems though it happens way too often. they come in, are hyped about the quit, everyone encourages them to stay quit, but then between week three and four - relapse. I just think - why? I imagine most quitters have had many failed quits, but doesn't that usually happen the first day instead of after 20+ days? You know like wake up the day of the Quit, go without a cigarette all morning but by lunch time - relapse. I personally feel like those don't even merit being called a "Quit". All but one of my "Quits" in the past lasted four hours. When I hit the three month mark, that is when my hardest battle came. I was rummaging some old magazines and of course every other page was for cigarettes. Triggered craves like i didn't even have during the first three days. What kept me from lighting up (besides not having smokes and not wanting to drive to the store) was thinking, "I made it this far so I know I can live without lighting up" Like all of you, I wish I could somehow help the ones who cave in but aside typing words on a screen, we can do nothing. I also sometimes wonder if being on a board that focuses mainly on smoking-related stuff makes them want to smoke again? I must admit that the only time a crave hits for me is if I am on here more than a little while. thoughts?
  15. Jetblack

    Never Stop Giving Up....

    My nephew has quit several times. he quit high school, then quit the army, has quit several jobs, quit culinary school... Wait, that isn;t what this is about?

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