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    My nervous system is now shot to hell since quitting smoking. Nicotine is nerve insulation.
    So not only do I actually smell and taste stuff, i have noticed what dumb asses people can be.
    Yay for quitting smoking.
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  1. How Did I Do It?

    Did they play "cosmic girl"? Now with the important discussion taken care of... It was probably just your body and senses getting pissed off. They are conditioned now to NOT deal with smoke. Plus you said people were smoking cigs, pot, you name it... Probably the fumes of some crack, spice, vape, big fat people farting in excitement, etc... Had it been JUST tobacco smoke you probably would have been ok. You think that stuff is bad though - you should smell my car's exhaust.
  2. Hey Ya'll trying again.

    You made it through three solid days without a smoke. It may or may not be easier at this point but one thing for sure - You now know you can survive a day without one so keep that in mind next time you want to light up. Like, "Well screw it, i made it this far, why not keep going?"
  3. I failed

    About all there is when it comes to TV. Well, I would say you know smoking is not the answer but you know that. Instead - Do what you can to stop again, however, if it proves difficult, do not beat yourself up over struggling to quit again, should it be hard. Right now you have a lot bigger issue at hand that is causing stress so concentrate on one healing at a time.
  4. I think I recognize some of you?

    waybackmachine doesn't archive everything on a message board unfortunately. Maybe the main pages but not things like threads, profiles, etc. Kind of sucks cause i have tried to find thing on now-defunct boards (nothing smoking related) i once visited
  5. Bakon´s girlfriend

    Bakon is gonna whoop dat ass when he sees what you posted here.
  6. Official Handover - Reci's Return

    If reci left for any good amount of time - I am sure Jo would be fully capable of taking over the listed duties. We need to look at the real concern here... Who's job would it be to comfort MrTitwank if Reci were gone? Wank would be singing -
  7. My quit must be sadder than i thought.

    Ya know, this is true. I am starting to feel better. I guess temptation comes and goes. By fabulous do you mean like I am strong at KTQ or more like i dance around with glitter pink boa's they way they might do at a drag queen show? It is ok for the rest of us to wobble but is it OK for MrTitwank to wank?
  8. Re-quit

    Shit you ain't gotta be ashamed if you relapsed. Just get back on and try again. The only thing i would say is when or IF someone relapses, just try to examine what caused it and avoid that if you can in the future.
  9. My quit must be sadder than i thought.

    Good to know I am not the only one who has occasional thoughts of wanting to roast a nice cancer stick. I guess battles will come and go, and today i won a small one. Well, she was not out in the yard with me, just at the counter where you have to pay $2 to go rummage through wrecked cars for parts. But asking her for a match? Her voice and Fran's voice were a match but i do not imagine that would light a cigarette. To avoid hearing her voice though - I would not ask her for a glass of piss if I were on fire. BUT - on the way back in, I could have taken two of the cigarette butts and used them as ear plugs. Hindsight is always 20/20. Hell no it ain't got no mercy and especially no pride. Romancing the cigarette - Yeah i still do that but I KNOW better. Even for a smoker, a 1/2 smoked cigarette is gross anyways, kind of like any leftovers. I do not know how or if DNA is changed but what DOES happen for sure is our smoking addiction carved a pathway in our minds for being addicted to tobacco. I would imagine that equally sucks. We sure as heck were not born with a tobacco addiction the same way we were all born with an instinct to hate Taylor Swift.
  10. I didn't smoke one. Bt here is what did happen - So I am at the junk yard looking to find a suitable shift lever boot instead of the ragged ol ghetto cloth the previous owner put on there. I find a car same as mine with it still there and in good shape. The ash tray was full of 1/2 smoked cigarettes. My knee-jerk thought was, "Too bad I do not have a lighter". It wasn't "Glad i don't smoke anymore" like it should have been. If I had one, my "quit" probably would have been gone THAT instant. I was kind of stressed anyways cause the lady at the check-in counter had a REAL loud whiny voice like Fran Drescher. And she would not shut up, I had to plug one of my ears. Then the check-out lady was practically screaming as she talked. About people with real loud voices - I wonder if it gets a lot louder when they yell or if they talk with a voice that is already close to their max decibel capability anyways? The way home was interesting too - So behind me on a motorcycle was some guy who's helmet resembled the face mask that Bakon is wearing in his signature. Doubt it was him but if so, I would have got out of the car and been like, "hey bakon, i am Jetblack off QT". But yeah I am kind of weirded out - I see some 1/2 smoked cigs and actually wanted one. They could have been from some STD herpes-ridden hoebag and the only thing that stopped me - no lighter.
  11. Well jeeze, if you have ever smoked anything by Phillip Morris (marlboro, Pall mall, etc) you know their nasty cigarettes taste like bleach. Plus they had that stupid cowboy thing going etc. Even when I did smoke, I just did not care for Phillip Morris anything. Hopefully this isn't because of vaping rates going up, which is equally BS. Hwll with them, may they choke to death
  12. 1% Pledge

    Here is something funny related to what Martian5 said - So the statistics say we do not have a chance. I remember at the start of my own quit i came across stuff that showed pretty sad chances for someone to quit smoking. My knee-jerk thought was, "Hmm, do i need to go back to smoking so i can quit again using their "quit help" product? Most of us around here, including nosmokinjo, are not trying to quit smoking. We already HAVE quit. Did we do it wrong? As we go through life without tobacco, are we KTQ wrong? IS THERE a wrong way to totally quit the cancer sticks? The point is - whatever BS there is out there saying only 1% succeed, it doesn't matter now. For many of us, the worst suffering is in the past.
  13. 1% Pledge

    Ahh alright. So right now you are using no nicotine, period. Excellent! Perhaps what separates this quit from the rest - Likely your last Quit on Nov 28th was the one you truly wanted. The scale finally tipped and you wanted to quit more than you wanted to keep smoking. Some of us do have a history of relapse. I have had plenty of "four hour quits" in the past. Back in 04 or 05 I had a three week quit. "Just one won't hurt". I think what happens with anything difficult is that when we hear or read about failure rates or obstacles, it is discouraging. It is like, "Oh geez thanks for the vote of confidence". But you have one better than some vlogger or article on the web - your OWN vote. You decided you can do this and you are doing it. With taking advice from someone without first hand experience - People have different outlooks but for me, I prefer talking to someone who has "been there" with whatever I am trying to accomplish. Most important - anything that helps should be sought.
  14. The Morning Hack

    Whispers - So you and i have about the same number of smoking years. Seems like we would have had coughing problems longer than we did. Maybe damage goes up exponentially after some point that we didnt quite reach?
  15. Smoking in the services

    Barry so in the 1980's it was about 50 cents a pack? Even with inflation it is hard to imagine them that cheap. Especially cause one of my favorite brands is now $8.50 a pack. My dad said he got kind of urked when they went up to 55 cents a pack at some point.

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