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  1. KT1973

    KT1973 is 11 months Smoke Free!

    Thank you so much everyone!
  2. KT1973

    KT1973 is 10 Months Smoke Free

    Thank you so much everyone!
  3. KT1973

    KT1973 is 9 months Smoke Free!

    Hi everyone, and thanks to all of you. Things have gotten so much easier than they were when I started this journey. Thank you all for being such a wonderful support!
  4. KT1973

    KT1973 is 8 months Smoke Free!

    Thank you so much everyone!
  5. KT1973

    KT1973 is 7 months Smoke Free!

    Thank you so much everyone!
  6. KT1973

    A Lucky Lady

  7. KT1973

    Backtoreality is 2 months smoke free!

  8. KT1973

    Ellen is 4 months smoke free!

  9. KT1973

    C9jane29 is 11 months smoke free!

  10. KT1973

    Max is 6 months smoke free!

  11. KT1973

    Seren is 1 Month Quit Today!!

  12. KT1973

    Barry is 6 Months Quit Today!!

  13. KT1973

    My Friends Battle is Over !!!

    I'm sorry for your loss.

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