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    - abbynormal - 384 days quit - We got a new truck, so like, that's pretty cool. It'll be the first vehicle we own that I won't smoke in ever! - I don't do selfies, but this pretty much sums it up:
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    Today makes one week without a cig. NOPE, I'm not going back. NOPE! Dang I appreciate the support I get here. Thank you.
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    I used to think that a period of contemplation was necessary before quitting but I don't believe that now. I had compromised circulation in my leg and when I was told on the 22nd August 2019 that it was 10% worse than my 2018 test, I quit on the 23rd August. There's no point putting it off, it will just be harder to bin the damned things if you wait. I know you won't want to hear that probably but it's just the simple truth. My leg is improving each and every day now.
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    woooo another great day of NOPE!
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    yeah-nah...it's a NOPE.
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    Happy New Year, Darling Smoke Free Creatures ! Wishing a year full of love and light. S Make sure you have your black eyed peas and a big ol side of greens tomorrow for health and wealth.
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    I pledge not to smoke any tobacco substance today Sunday 12th January 2020 Anno Domini. I'm now 11 days smoke free.
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    Not one Puff Ever and Ever
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    NOPE - Not One Puff Ever
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    That whole "soon" thing was the nicotine talking. I recognize that now. I've been through this before, I had simply forgotten. Thank you all for the reminder. NOPE!
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    Definitely a NOPE today -- my two year anniversary will not be marred by a cigarette!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    G’day NOPE..... Not One Puff Ever... you can replace Ever with min, hour, day as required
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    New year best and worst... Worst...my health and the side effects of the meds... Best...my day with Doreen.
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    NOPE Happy Friday everybody
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    I've just roasted an entire buffalo for Oliver but if he's still hungry after that can he have any scraps your kitties leave?
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    I've just come through my first cold since quitting and I must say that the cough has been nothing like previous ones, not even close. It used to always turn into a nasty chesty affair but not this time. That difference is a direct consequence of quitting so I reckon it's worth sharing as a morale booster to any newbies looking for positive vibes.
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    First of all, I'm a hillbilly not a redneck. Secondly, I suppose the surprise comes from the fact that I never had a sports car or muscle car phase. I was always content to watch fast cars from a distance. A buddy of mine back in the day had a souped-up Chevelle. I drove it a couple of times. Admittedly it was fun to drive a car like that, but I couldn't get around the fact that strapping a canoe to the roof and loading it up with gear didn't seem like a feasible option. Not to mention the fact that the lack of ground clearance on a sporty car like that would end up with me stuck in a rut on some forest service road miles from nowhere. Some guys buy a sports car as part of a "mid-life crisis." Seeing as how I waited until my mid-forties to settle down and finally live like an adult, that's not an option either. Can't imagine myself strapping a car seat in the back of a muscle car...Hang on Baby Boo, I'm gonna drive this thing like I stole it.
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    I'm really feeling glad and happy I've managed to achieve 120 hours of smoking and nicotine replacement therapy cessation. I've been drinking water, Sainsbury's diet Cola and walking round the block and back to distract my mind from my craves. I'm going to my Christian religion meeting tonight to pray, sing kingdom songs and receive holy spirit. That strengthens me.
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    Did you really enjoy the smoking? I mean REALLY? Think hard about it. What was it you "enjoyed"? Was it the sense of relaxation? Because you can get that from healthier means, like deep breathing, listening to relaxing music, meditation, drinking a cup of tea, etc. I became a huge fan of deep breathing when I quit. And one important thing to remember is that the sense of "relaxation" that we get from smoking is actually just relief from withdrawal. It's not true relaxation. I always thought smoking relaxed me, but after I quit I realized how much more relaxed I was overall without that constant nagging withdrawal. Did you enjoy having something to fill the time? That was a tough one for me when I first quit. I smoked so much and so often that once I quit I had to figure out new ways to fill those hours! I played a TON of Wordscapes on my phone when I first quit. What other activities can you do while you relax? Do you like to read? Watch movies? Play video games? Do jigsaw puzzles? You will find eventually that you are able to fill that time. It takes a while, but you'll get there. I now can enjoy simply "being." Sometimes I will just sit on my couch with my dog's head in my lap and just be still for a while. It's nice. Now think about all the things you didn't enjoy about smoking: - The smell - The cough - The cost - The stained fingers and teeth - The fear of smoking-related illness - The shortness of breath - The guilt and shame - The filthy disgusting ash trays (and having to clean them) - Etc., etc., etc. Smoking sucks. Breathing is so much better! You'll get there. You just need to retrain your brain. It takes time and a bit of work, but it's worth it. I promise.
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    Good on you Albert, lets do this!
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    Congratulations Abby..... Welcome to the Lido.....Reward yourself for all your hard work ....
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    Congratulations on 11 days quit John
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    Not Today - NOPE !!!!!
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    Congratulations, on beating a gruesome crave ! Please continue to reward yourself ! I don't think many people were 'happy quitters' in the true 'happy' sense. It wasn't easy for me the whole first year but, that didn't matter. Like you, I wanted the quit more. I was only 'happy' about sticking to my commitment to myself, that was v. satisfying. You quit is still so young. Protect is with everything you have, everything you are. You Quit Smoking, Heather Dianne ! Please believe us, everything gets better and easier as time goes by. You may not notice it yet but, you will. You will slip into the new you and be free free free.
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