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Ok so looking at my lips and thinking wtf they look like a cats ar*e..!!


Story goes, in buying make-up an stuff in Boots, spend x amount for free gift says one of the orooonge but lovely ladies aiming perfume at me from the counter as I walk by (you're taking a skoosh whether you want it or not attitude).. 


I had a list and stuck to it but  also managed to bag the free gift..Yay said me and skipped out with a treasure trove of goodies..


Now one of these goodies is lipstick..


Pearly nude to be precise.. A 24 hour lippy... It takes 2 coats to stay put..


I put first coat on.. Oooww that's nice.. put second on and walk away.. Half an hour later clocked my lips in the mirror looking like a cats ar*se..!!!


Obviously meant for the younger lady !!!



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This phone doesn't know me
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I can't ... The quack said nil by mouth ... Its all that naggin frickin POM's fault... I had it all planned... Load up on coffee between 8 and 10 to get me through but had homework to help the kid with, the preteen social dramas to council her on then went to feed the fogs and they had redecorated the yard with the contents of 2 wheely bins then 10pm and no more nuthin... Tried to force sleep and got 4 hours with a pill had some wacky arse dream about members from over there and now here I am wide awake feeling sorry for meself having coffee dts

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2 hours ago, notsmokinjo said:

Warning you all and apologising in advance ... I haven't had coffee in nearly 9 hours, I'm mean as a cut snake and I tried to stay away but I couldnt cos I'm frickin in the corner, shalin like a leaf and well  coffee....


Try this ..................



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