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  1. Interviews with the nagual - Armando Torres. I also recommend theun mares - return of the warriors.
  2. the jibber jabber of the mind of an addict (me), I noticed it dramatically has command over one's self. not-smoking produces a very negative and anxious mindset in me, at least in the first four hours, I wont go in details but the mind, speaking about my case, really shakes it all psychologically and produces physical symptons. !! I have a tendency to panic over little things. not-smoking is one of them. I also cant get past the first 8 hours, waking hours without lightning one up. But on the bright side there is inside a joyfull side to the struggle, which, as they say on the i
  3. Who knows how far this thread will go. I decided tomorrow I'll try a smoke free day. And I'll keep posting important info about it on this thread. This is my quittrain thread. Feel free to comment. tomorrow is first day of october. I can say for now that my mind is rebelling against the idea of not having cigarettes around (as I have none now with me). sSO this is something. a mind feeling the lack of the object.
  4. You are lenient, I think that is the word. You are glad you have not smoked but at the same time you gladly will make your way to another smoke. Just remember that you will feel bad and also will smoke another one and then some more while awake. So why not try something different? Meaning not smoking. Consider this a different day. Go check out more videos. Go do the sutra lotus chant. You don't have to think too much, things fall in place when you don't smoke, you know that, that is the reason why you already did the not-smoking-for some hours before. Now you are confused because a
  5. Pedro thinking of smoking when getting back home town, are we? You have not smoked for six hours, it's your first day, remember? Yes you had a little anxiety attack but you also know you felt relieved after it subsided, like an orgasm. One day at a time. You know you proved something to you when you get back to bed at night. One day different from the all others. Remember how positive this day was, your thoughts were more at peace and you felt protected, no one disturbed your peace like they do so usually bc of the bad vibes because of the bad vice. More energetic, talked to a friend for 22 mi
  6. Thanks for the comments. I feel I should know more, much more about the withdrawal process. That is where the challenge is at. I'm becoming conscious that I have triggers and I'm guessing they are many. Got to figure out how this old mind of mine works. I'm pretty sure this forum has information concerning that. ... A day at a time...
  7. Hello My name is Pedro. Smoker for 11 years, age 30 years old, completed this year I guess a part of me wants to stop smoking that is why I went came to the internet having had the idea that joining a forum might help The perspectives are good, having seen some of Joel's videos.... what more? I have many things I do, hobbies If you want to call it, but im not here 2 make publicity to my work, whatever it might be. I'm here to gather the necessary means to quit smoking. I'm thinking Joel's videos are enough, but you never know.... I'll be around.
  8. Thanks for the videos. I am making a personal commitment to stop smoking. I like the information and how it is presented in the videos (the ones I saw)

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