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  1. Thanks Lilly , If everything will work as planned , i can start thinking about doing Post Graduation in business studies and accounting . I would like to see that happen , but not sure if it is going to work that way . I have wasted too much time already . Anyway i have started to think positively about life .
  2. @Linda Thanks for the reply . I have done Bsc computer science before , but after 3 years in the college and all i lost 2 math related subjects and i was never able to complete that lost subjects . I joined this course 7 years after that . Meanwhile i was working .Small jobs mostly . Anyway thank god , i am slowly slowly completing this course .
  3. Wow , here it is . After waiting for 1 and a half month , It arrives . Finally feeling happy . Now i can peacefully focus on the 6th semester which is the last semester .
  4. @Lilly , Thanks for the reply @reciprocity , Since its a distance education thing i don't get to see the students until i reach the exam centers for examination .But there are people arriving there doing different courses coming there for exams . I only have this one person on phone who i can talk to about the course .Even she is waiting for the results . Anyway i only have 4 more months to finish the entire course . Yes , no smoking at all .
  5. Thanks for the reply Linda , I love Christianity , It makes so much more sense than the Islamic religion Thanks
  6. Congrats Lilly , I hope your overall health has improved a lot .
  7. Two weeks have gone after this post and they still have not declared the result in the website .Great Feeling stressed out again . My last semester books to learn has arrived And i am still waiting for my 5th semester results declaration . This is really annoying , Lol Anyway , I am still not going out and buying cigarettes .
  8. Hello Juan . Welcome back . I like your post because we have lots of things in common . I have depression too . I used to smoke to kill time too . But i threw it away because of health related concerns . I still feel like smoking not because of the cravings but because i don't have anything else interesting to do . And all the interesting things in the world requires a lot of money , which i don't have too much either . I am going through a time of recession , There will be a time of recovery and expansion too , Lol Anyway Everyone has depression because of too much boredom i guess . Try to find some activities you might find interesting to kill that boredom .
  9. Avatar Avengers Star wars I was so busy that i actually forgot to watch them
  10. I really love a cigarette right now , But i am not going out and buying it . Health concerns are the only reason .

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