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  1. @Doreensfree , @Linda Thomas Thanks for the reply Sorry for the trouble . Eating nicotine gums for me was the best way to stay away from the irritations of addiction . Yes , Nicotine addiction is a strange irritation Going cold turkey was not helping me much , I had to waste my time thinking about another 100 things to take my mind of the addiction that kept coming back . But once i made Eating nicotine gums a habit , That strange irritation of addiction went away . Nowadays i eat a pack of gums only every three or four days . That is a big improvement
  2. What facts ? The fact that i use Nicotine gums so that i can stop inhaling smoke in my lungs ?
  3. Sazerac ignored , There i did it . I feel better when i do not read your posts
  4. It works for me , that is why i use it . Why is that sort of so hard for you to understand ? This nicotine gum exactly is the reason why i have not damaged my lungs with smoke since the past 3 months , Lol You talk like you know it all , Lol How does one ignore a profile in this forum ?
  5. I do not like reading your posts Sazerac to be honest . You know why , because every one has a way to stop inhaling the smoke You have not even figured that out , Lol What do you think people come out of some factories ?
  6. I do not have that really bad cravings anymore . One day i made a decision to kill the cravings with Nicotine gums alone . And it has been working since the past 3 months I mean every time i have a craving , I try to kill it with a nicotine gum . The cravings could be there for the rest of my life , Let it be there , I do not care . I have decided that the only thing i am going to feed my depressed mind is a nicotine gum and nothing else Good luck staying smoke free
  7. @notsmokinjo Thanks for the reply I have clearly finished 2 months without smoking . I feel really good , there was cravings but it was not that strong . I have even managed to avoid smoking without using gums for at least 7 days . I keep buying these gums these days so that i can chew it whenever i feel really bored . One important thing i learned is that the cravings for a smoke is always there , you simply stop thinking about cigarettes .That is the best way to avoid it . I don't even think about cigarettes much these days , It does not interest me anymore , which is a really good thing . @Christian99 Thanks for the reply . Well , whenever i get bored i think of everything else other than cigarettes . Thanks for all the support
  8. End of February too , No smoke went in . Some cravings in 2 or 3 days , i go out and eat a nicotine gum and its gone . I think it is officially over . Thank god
  9. Thanks for the reply Linda , I am taking another break from the forums . Sometimes it so important to talk something else . I have been looking for some other good health related discussion forum too . Anyway i will be back after February . Now i know all the tricks and tools to avoid smoking
  10. Hello , i have not been able to post about my quitting journey for a while now but , I have not smoked any cigarettes since the last 3 weeks . Well its been really more than 3 weeks away from smoke . And i am very happy these days . I have been using nicotine gums for the past 3 weeks . I had no mood to post for the last few weeks , because it was mostly talking a pledge and breaking it after a week or two . But this time i did it . I do not remember the exact date but i am sure it been more than 3 weeks . I feel a lot more healthier now What i learned is that , talking to the right people is so important and talking to the wrong people can make you feel mental . Some people are simply useless talking to
  11. @Nancy , @despair not Thanks for the tips I will do everything i can to avoid it this time
  12. Thanks a lot for the reply despair not . I have to think positive now . First time my quit lasted for 6 days . Second time it lasted for 24 days . This time this has to be forever
  13. @notsmokinjo A bit of a disaster after 24 days of not smoking . Was drinking , i had lots of stress and lighted up one . So there goes my 24 days quit . I am restarting again
  14. @StewieTech Thanks for the reply , I am not using the forum much these days . Keeping the internet activity to a minimum I have loads of assignments to finish for the 5th semester distance education course , bit stressed out . So staying away from the PC too Have fun everyone

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