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  1. Wren18

    Abby is 7 Years Smoke Free!

    Amazing Abby, that's fantastic
  2. Wren18

    tocevoD is 6 Months Smoke Free

    Well done Toc
  3. Wren18

    Huntressd joins the Lido Deck

    That's fantastic, well done
  4. Wren18

    RoryPlog is 6 Month's Smoke Free

    Well done Rory
  5. Wren18

    Martian5 is 6 Months Smoke Free

    Well done Martian
  6. Wren18

    Octain is 6 Months Smoke Free

    Well done Octain
  7. Wren18

    Fab is 6 Months Smoke Free

    Well done Fab
  8. Wren18

    Nancy is 5 Years Smoke Free

    Congratulations Nancy, that is amazing!
  9. Wren18

    Wren18 is 6 Months Smoke Free

    Haven't checked in for awhile and just seen this thread... Thank you to everyone for your congratulations and kind thoughts. Six months quit and feeling very happy to have got this far and positive about reaching the year mark. Well done to everyone else who has quit, especially the 2018 quitters
  10. Wren18

    Death Bed Promises

    Well done Beazel , your Mum would be proud and so should you be
  11. Wren18

    why do I feel like a failure?

    Hi Christine, well done on quitting and hope you're doing okay. Reading about addiction does help make sense of some of your thought processes and i think is the key to staying quit. Keep taking it day by day.
  12. Wren18

    Wren is 5 Months Smoke Free

    NotsmokinJo, thank you so much for this post which I have just seen! And thank you to everyone for the comments. This is such a supportive community. You're all great
  13. Wren18

    2018 Quitters Check In

    Thanks Jillar, looking forward to being an old pharte
  14. Wren18

    2018 Quitters Check In

    Hi Jillar, don't know if i'm classed as a newbie...but nearly 5 months quit, still get strong cravings and triggers but definitely less frequently...very grateful to members for the support of this site
  15. Wren18

    Finally letting go

    Hi Farmgirl and Fab, congratulations on your quit of 4 months. I admire you Farmgirl, I'm 4 months quit today and i had to get rid of all cigs, lighters and ashtrays, couldn't have had them in the house but i can your reasoning makes sense! Well done

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