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  1. Well done Ren, be proud of yourself for that victory!
  2. Random massive craves

    Hi Toc. Yes can totally identify with very intense cravings around the 3 month mark. I think the no man's land topic is really helpful. And also there is a topic about 3 months being a change of season which may bring triggers...i quit in winter and we're now in spring/summer, and triggers include sitting out in the garden etc. I was surprised too how intense the cravings are, but just keep strong and i found re reading my quit reasons helped. Well done, 3 months is fantastic.
  3. Found you again!

    Thanks Mollie, that really helped
  4. Hi Farmgirl..welcome and well done on three months that's ace! I could have written your post as exactly the same happened to me including the cravings and the 'just one' thoughts...but no, not going to happen glad you've found the site
  5. 10 Weeks In

    Well done Sslip you're doing great. I can relate to much of what you've said and it's tough at times, but yeah we're doing a brilliant thing.
  6. Found you again!

    Thank you for all the warm welcome wishes, and Sazerac for the links, they have helped. This does seem a great place and just what i need to keep me on track
  7. Hello to all I was on the QSMB board when it just stopped working one day. Can anyone explain what happened? After a few weeks I realised it wasn't coming back..thanks to Roopy as I arrived here through a post you'd made which came up on google! Am still smoke free at nearly 3 months, but finding this 3 month mark strange, I have some serious cravings at the minute when I haven't had for some time.

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