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  1. Health

    Im gonna. I have an appointment on the 3rd. Stress test. Also going to report the bloody cough to physician. Hopefully its just bronchitis. But man, I really wish I had not smoked
  2. Health

    I am approaching my third month clean from nicotine. I also coughed up blood three times today, and my chest hurts. My mother looked like a wasted skeleton at the end. I dont wanna go out like that.
  3. Friday 9th March 2018

    Nope. Its that simple.
  4. Thursday 15 th February 2018

    I'm never smoking again.
  5. I quit. That's that.

    Still an ex smoker. Work schedule has been intense. I live in the capital, right downtown. My job is weird, recipricocity. Its real weird. Occasionally also exciting. I have motivated two other friends to quit IRL. Its been almost a month. I am not going to lie, I am still getting three to five strong craves a day. I dont mind them. I snack and exercise to cope. My doctor will undoubtedly approve of both the weight gain and the positive shift in attitude. A glimpse of what I get to enjoy as an ex-smoker
  6. Newbie Roll Call!

    That vacation is going to be twice as good, cause you don't smoke now Tyme!
  7. I quit. That's that.

    Thank you Octain, Jetblack, Recipricocity, Martian, Doreen, Joel, Boo, Latoya, EVERYONE!!! I could not have quit without you all. Your support has meant everything.
  8. I quit. That's that.

    Octain, life doesn't just seem better, it IS better now. Life improved when we quit. Oh what a great decision. I am never ever EVER putting nicotine or tobacco in my body EVER AGAIN.
  9. I quit. That's that.

    So 15 days in, the things I have gotten back: I can breathe easier. I can read a book because now, I can sit still long enough. I am now less vulnerable to cold and weather. Anxiety improved. GERD mildly improved Budgeting is easier. I have more time. Blood pressure and heart rate improved, and circulation has definitely improved. My feet dont burn and sting anymore. That is significant. They were hurting a lot. Smoking is terrible for you. If you smoke, quit.
  10. Wednesday 24 th January 2018

    Never ever again. Nope.
  11. Resting heart rate

    It is incredible how fast your heart rate starts to improve. Your hands get steadier, my feet dont hurt when I walj around anymore. Im not shivering cold in 50f temperatures. I can breathe easier. And its not even two weeks yet.
  12. Saturday 20 th January 2018

    I quit tobacco. Nope. Nope. Nope.
  13. Friday, Jan 19 2018

  14. Super Newbie just signed up

    Not one puff ever again. Its that easy
  15. Thursday, 18 Jan 2018

    Quitting was the best thing I ever did. NOPE.

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