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  1. I joined this group in 2017 because I was finally determined to quit smoking. I quit on August 30, 2017. I was faithful about posting my struggle, hoping that encouragement would keep me on track. On September 7, I had a gallbladder attack. That night, around midnight, my gallbladder got worse and I had to call an ambulance because I couldn’t drive. At 2pm on September 8’ I had surgery to remove my gallbladder and all hell really broke loose. I have afib. The day I went home from the hospital, it kicked in....and didn’t go away. 2 weeks later, my blood pressure went haywire. They tried
  2. WoooooHoooooo! I truly hope to get there one day! Congratulations. Keep us laughing and keep inspiring us to stay on the train!!!!! B) :dirol: :ok: :clapping: :dance4: :dance:
  3. Today has really not been a good day. If you've read some of my other posts today, you may know that I had my gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago. When I quit smoking 3-1/2 weeks ago it was because I was starting to feel constriction in my chest. Folks, I wasn't that heavy a smoker. A little over 1/2 pack a day on average. I might do more if I was under stress. I did smoke for about 23 years. This morning the chest constriction is back. It's scaring me and driving me crazy. It's like there's something I need to cough up, but I can't! I'm having some sinus problems so that may be it, b
  4. Things only a person who's quitting smoking would understand: 16. Stress makes you want to smoke. Feeling tired makes you want to smoke. Hearing that it will rain in two weeks makes you want to smoke.
  5. OK, today has been OK, but a little bit challenging. First of all, I don't know if I feel nicotine withdrawal at all. I did last Saturday, but I think what I'm experiencing down is the psychological withdrawal and it is kicking my butt! I haven't caved in, but the constant badgering from my subconscious is wearing me out! Today I got in my car and actually put my hand into the little cubby where I used to stash my cigarette pack. Of course it's not there, but that's the first time I have ever just subconsciously reached in there to get a pack. I thought this was supposed to get better!!!
  6. I'm finding that none of this is going the way I had envisioned it. But I am learning that it is not just a daily thing. It's hard for me to describe.....and it depends on the circumstance I'm in. At work it's easy to forget the whole thing.....but when I go on breaks or lunch......different story. Then it becomes almost a moment-by-moment thing. If you expect to make a decision.....and make a plan then have everything just fall into place, that's not going to happen. Flexibility is key. One thing I did notice today. I left the building for a break. Smokers are supposed to confine the
  7. While you read Allen Carr's book, you can continue to smoke. At some point during the reading you may decide to quit, but you MUST continue reading to gain new tools in your arsenal. Do not give up on yourself.
  8. Well, folks. I have officially made it a week! Last Tuesday night, I smoked the last one. Still feeling the pull. Still a little scared that I'll get overwhelmed and cave in, but.........so far, so good. Some kind of reward this weekend, I'm thinking. I just wish the weather would get cooler so that I can get out and walk. I just cannot take the heat and humidity. Afraid of gaining weight, but cannot let that get in the way. I can only deal with one thing at a time. The quit is my first priority.
  9. Boo.....I think we must have gotten up at about the same time this morning. Never too much NOPE, though, huh?
  10. Shanakor, I'm probably not the best for this. I will only hit 7 days at 9:30pm EDT. I hate to say this, but it's different for everybody. If you feel that you need to get rid of everything, DO IT! Right now. If you do, though, destroy it. Break all the cigarettes, break the lighters. Make them useless. It might actually give you some satisfaction too. One thing that has been significant for me is a page on this site that's called JUNKIE THINKING. Find it. Read it. Print it out. I nearly jumped out of my skin this past Saturday. I turned to this group and they helped me out
  11. bjean

    chicks or sticks

    Will somebody please explain this game to me? I don't want to be thick, but I can't figure out where the numbers come from! :wacko: :blink:
  12. OK, this is really NOT an S.O.S....so I didn't put it there. Saturday was definitely an S.O.S., but today is just frustrating. MY BODY WANTS A CIGARETTE. Notice I didn't say it NEEDS a cigarette. I said it WANTS a cigarette. I was reading some posts about how folks made it through their first months/weeks. One person said that she stayed on here all day and all night. Good. Somebody else did too. I haven't closed this all day. I haven't posted, but I've read everything. I just want this to go away. OK, so I haven't made it to a week yet so maybe I'm being impatient, but I want to FE
  13. Oh, yay! Welcome! You'll find quite the cheerleading squad here. I'll hit 1 week tomorrow night....so I may not be much help. Don't forget to commit to NOPE every.single.day. Sign the page. It makes it real.
  14. Still working on this ticker in the signature. Something isn't right and the numbers are wrong. Can anybody help?
  15. bjean


    There are some great resources on this site. I recommend the Junkie Thinking post. I'm no expert. I'm just 6 days into my quit. After you do smoke your last one, find the NOPE forum. Make that commitment every single day. Maybe more than one time per day. Maybe you need to do it hourly instead of daily....but do look at the Junkie Thinking Post in the forum. Have you read Allen Carr's book? If not, please do so. It is very helpful. One book I read said "Don't tell anybody". I don't completely agree. Maybe don't broadcast it, but you probably know someone who has quit....maybe more
  16. Can somebody explain to me how to get the ticker in your signature? I see 2 lines, but I don't know where to paste them.
  17. Paul723. I don't know HOW to put this addiction to sleep. My intellect has known for a long time that cigarette smoking is primarily a nicotine addiction. I say primarily because I think the other component, which is the psychological dependence is as problematic for me as the addiction. Yesterday was HORRIBLE. I was angry and out of control. I honestly don't know how I made it without smoking, but I did. Today has been somewhat better. The addiction is not pulling me as strongly, but the psychological part was pulling me today. I would almost head to my old smoking spot on auto-pilot
  18. For any who may just be coming back after a few days, I'm new here. I just read a post that says that, when you first quit, it's important to stay with the group for strength. As Scotty says in Star Trek Beyond: "As my wee granny used to say, you canna break a stick in a bundle." So, I thought I'd tell a bit about myself. This is not my first time to quit. I started smoking in 1993......and was way to old to have started this foolishness. I was mad at the world and instead of taking my anger out on the world, I took it out on myself by starting to smoke. That's 24 years, but, if y

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