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  1. I LOVE  the blog feature! I'm looking forward to reading about your journey.


    I think writing through the emotions is very therapeutic.


    I miss my beginning posts very much (I am from QSMB also). All the lost content from there has definitely been a hard pill to swallow.


    So I spend alot of time reading old content here and have found some gems!


    I'll feel better when you get rid of "that pack"!! Lol :12_slight_smile:

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  2. Life does have a way of throwing a bunch of crap at us at any given moment. There never seems to be a right time to quit smoking.

    I do hope you can get the panic attacks under control, but as far as the quit is concerned...I have found that I have panic attacks whether I smoke or not.

    Since this is not your first run on this board, I hope you will lean on us as much as possible - you know how much everyone is rooting for you.

    You can do this!!

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