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  1. It's been awhile since I checked in, but for good reason. My son is 5 weeks old and happy his mom is not a smoker, and hasn't been for one year and three months today. I wanted to provide a picture for those of you that helped me through this journey...forever grateful for you and your support. All my best!!
  2. Thank you guys so much!!! What a blessing!!!!! 1 full year.....holy crap..believe it or not....its so great to forget I was a smoker!!! Baby is doing great and should arrive in about 8 weeks....we r soooooo darn excited go meet him!! Thanks again and Happy New Year all!!!
  3. I didn't ghost I swear it! But yes...the little 2 lb little kicker is bouncing around just fine in the tummy - only three more months! Never had a better motivation to stay quit, forever!!!! Thank you all for the support!!! <3
  4. glad to see you here still Rec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Thank you all!!!!! It sure did fly by...believe it or not!
  6. NOPE - and almost 19 weeks pregnant! :wub: :) :D :lol: ^_^
  7. LOL! - Yes - thank you Rec! To all who knew that my husband and I hard a very hard time becoming pregnant...I'd like you to know we are 9 weeks along and have a very strong heartbeat....IVF worked the first time for us and we are blessed beyond measure. Can't imagine my life with those ridiculous cigarettes even a little bit! What in the world was I thinking? Yes - I have the best reason in the world to stay quit for ever and ever. NOPE today and NOPE for the rest of my life.

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