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Status Updates posted by Sunnyside

  1. I have turned myself into a runner and finally managed to run 5k!!!

  2. I hope everyone had a good No Smoking day? Remember it's not just for one day it's for life :)

    1. Evelyn


      I commit to that

  3. Nightmare on Elm street!! I have watch it in years. still good :)

  4. I can't believe I'm coming up close to my two years smoke free! Getting so excited!! silly i know.

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    2. beacon
    3. Sunnyside


      Thanks Beacon, and thankyou for the friend request :)

    4. Nicole Diver
  5. I wish everyone a very merry Christmas x

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    2. joe


      Thanks SS... Back at ya

    3. beacon


      Merry Chirstmas

    4. Sonic


      Thanks. Where is my gift

  6. I hope, thing's are a little better for you now cheri, i think you are doing brilliantly mate. You must be one hell of a strong women x

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