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Week Two Hurdle Cleared



I posted a celebration and mentioned some things I'd lost because I quit smoking, but I also want to mention what I've gained … the QuitTrain Community. Every has been so very supportive and I know that I can come hang out any time I need support or want to be supportive. THANK YOU ALL!


I'm celebrating my losses...

My last thought before heading home is no longer "do I need to stop for smokes?"

I no longer park in the back lot where the smoking area is; I park in the front lot.

I don't have to stand in the cold or rain to enjoy a smoke. OR THIS FREAKY WARM WIND!!!! Sorry I still have issues.

I don't worry about not spending money so I always have enough for cigarettes.

I don't worry about how I smell.

The hand sanitizer in my car is for sanitizing--not smellatizing.

I don't need to ask where the smoking area is.

Travel time no longer includes a smoke on arrival.


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The benefits are truly amazing!

We have been traveling since wedneday, hubby still smokes....and I still reaped so many rewards..

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