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Day 3



As I begin the third day of not smoking I am faced with the hardest decision I will make during this journey.  My wife is still smoking.  So do I say it's okay if she wants to smoke in the house since it is so bitterly cold outside and it is her house too.  Or do I just say nothing.  I know she had to make the commitment to quit herself but I also know it would be so easy for me to buy a pack to "support her" which is just an excuse to go back.  I know I am not going to give up what I have accomplished so far.  I do not want to go through withdrawals again.  My headache is finally going away.  I did not get irritated yesterday.  I am feeling even stronger today.  So even though I love my wife with all my heart, I am not going to say anything.  If she asks I will even tell her I prefer she didn't because it is still a struggle for me.  I got this!!!!


I don't know if it is support I get here or what but I am almost excited this time and confident I can make this quit stick!

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Hi Edie.....I too am on day 3 of my quit.  I read Allen Carr's the easy way to stop smoking, and so far it really has been ridiculously easy.  I have no desire for a smoke whatsoever. This has never happened with any of my previous quits before. No patches or gum, just went cold turkey.  Goes to prove that so much of the quitting process is psychological. 

Tough call on the wife smoking in the house.  Do you think that she would mind restricting where she lights up to maybe one room in the house?  The temptation will be tough for you with the cigs around, but always try to remember that you are a non-smoker! Good luck!



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Thank you.  Congrats to you as well on day 3.  It does seem a bit easier than I had pictured but I don't want to get over confident yet.  I need to get through this weekend before I am ready to say that I am a non-smoker.  That will be my true test.  Thank you for the encouragement.

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After the first day you have proven that you CAN make it through a day without smoking.

Just think also - after this weekend you will be two days past that dreaded "day three".


For the wife - Maybe she could crack a window to let most of the cig smoke go out?

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hi Edie, I would say that its perfectly acceptable for you to ask your wife to support you by not smoking near you and maybe having to go outside in the cold just might push her to quit to? 


how are you doing?

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My husband still smokes, but he sneaks outside so that he doesn't feel like he's waving a red flag at me. I think its wonderful that your wife goes outside, and you should encourage that. It will support you now, and it will help her someday should she choose to quit.

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