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I was hoping  that the not smoking would help lower my BP and heart rate. It has not yet, maybe to soon yet. But from what I have read it should happen fairly soon. Not having a good day today. Just having a little rant.

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Not sure on the timing for lowering blood pressure Linda but I do know you're still in early days of your quit so keep at it. People tend to start getting wear of the constant battles with cravings and just always being on their toes 24/7 but trust me, it's worth the effort! It won't be long until things really start easing up and you'll get a little more breathing room. Do focus on benefits you are starting to see - that helps lift your spirits. Money saved, taste and smell improvements and I'm sure there's more. Remember the reasons you quit for. They're still important. Keep moving forward Linda!

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Hang in there Linda.  Genetics and age can play a part in blood pressure but quitting smoking will definitely improve your health.  Don't obsess over putting a time limit on the health benefits.  That gives you reason to fail.  When I would have a crave, I would close my eyes, breath deep and imagine my body healing.   I knew that I had abused it for so long and that the improvements were going to take a while.  

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Hey Linda, don't be discouraged it may just be that high blood pressure runs in your family like mine. I didn't see any major decrease in my BP and I've been on blood pressure medicine since my late 30's! Never been overweight and am in fact underweight. But you know what? There's still so many other benefits to quitting that  make it so worthwhile. Xoxo

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We get it Linda, we've been where you are. Hang tight, vent, vent, vent and soon enough you'll be through the tough parts. Feeling down is a total part of it. But this too shall pass 😊



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On 11/11/2020 at 5:43 PM, Linda said:

I was hoping  that the not smoking would help lower my BP and heart rate. It has not yet, maybe to soon yet. But from what I have read it should happen fairly soon. Not having a good day today. Just having a little rant.

Sarge went through a whole series of major life-style change at quit time near a decade ago because of health issues. 

Lost 64 pounds. Quit eatin' like shit - changed to a mostly plant-based grow-your-own diet. Started running
full marathons. Quit a high stress job. Quit smoking. Started sleeping regularly instead of stayin' up all night ... 
All in an effort to get AllTheThings™ back to some semblance of Normal again. 

High Cholesterol - went away in the first year. Bad cholesterol down into range, Good cholesterol up into normal range. 
Pre-Diabetes - gone. Fasting Glucose back in proper limits within the first year. 
Acid Reflux - Gone. Daily consumption of Tums/Rolaids is now ... maybe 3 times a year. 
Fatty Liver - Gone. Full function and normal ranges on all liver numbers. 
Periodontal disease - up and disappeared. No sign of active disease in near a decade (although permanent bone-loss and receeded gum line will never go away) 

The blood pressure, though. 
God. Damn. The Blood Pressure.
The Mother F'ing Blood Pressure!
It took 7+ years after all the above life-changes for the BP to get back down into normal range and come off the meds. 

Give it time. 
It's not gonna happen over night. 
It might not happen at all. 

The Sarge is under no illusions here. Most of that shit will be back ... but it'll be back when he's 70 and not when he's 40. 
Age related deterioration is normal. 
All that shit at 40 was not. 

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Similar story here. Although I did gain weight the first several months after quitting, my lung function improved so much that I began a fairly strenuous exercise routine. Also, changed to a healthy nutritional plan.  Soon lost the pounds I'd packed on and more. Cholesterol dropped over 60 points without meds.  All my other labs showed tremendous improvement too. I never did have high blood pressure, but every aspect of my health that was tanking prior to my quit improved to the "green" (acceptable) range.


It's kinda like the hour hand on a clock. You can't see it moving while you're staring at it. But if you go about other, positive things in life you'll be amazed when you look at the clock and see the hours have breezed by.


Be patient Linda. Only benefits will come as a result of quitting.



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