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I relapsed after car crash

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I'm so glad nobody was hurt and your daughter is safe.


I relapsed numerous times before I had this quit. I can actually identify with Sgt Barney's post. The truth is that it isn't the incident that causes us to smoke, the incident just gives us the justification to smoke. 


It's nice to get lots of hugs and understanding when you relapse, but you also need the tough love thrown in to balance it out. When children do something that is going to hurt them we protect them, but we also firmly tell them the dangers with a voice that makes them cry. If we only hugged them they would never learn. Every post is meant well. 


I'm glad you're back to quitting :)




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On 11/27/2019 at 9:21 AM, Vivianne said:

I am really happy the addict and I are on a total different page



You ARE the addict.
(as is Sarge)
(as are all of us)

It is fantasy to try and separate ourselves from what we are. 



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Hi Viv..

I jumped on the train to say ....

I've never been involved in a car crash ...nor do I want to....Scarey stuff for sure ...

I hope you and your daughter are ok.....

I left my frying pan ,back home ....

I'm proud you jumped right back on ,and took your seat ....

Never give up ,giving up....upwards on onwards ...

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