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2 hours ago, Diane R said:

I’m  aware of the addictions of nicotine. Thanks for posting the videos. And I’ve watch those videos too. But the habit is what’s getting be now. I’m not getting anything out of smoking. The Chantix is doing it’s job. The don’t do anything for me when I lite one. I take that back I get a headache now when I lite one. That’s it. But I’ve smoked a very long time. It’s such a habit to go outside and have one. I’m working on that part of my smoking habit. I know from the last time I quit this was a hard part of quitting for me. 

That's also what takes the longest to change ..... our habitual responses to any number of situations that crop up in our daily lives - including emotions. Happy, sad, bored, lonely, excited they all create an automatic response and that is to light up.


That's what the 1 Year Pledge is for. It's located on the Quit Smoking Discussion Page - pinned near the top of that page. It's an important reminder that it takes most of us a full year to completely recover - face and beat all our smoking triggers at least once (seasonal triggers included). That's why the 1 Year Lido Deck celebration is such a big deal. Once you get to that 1 year mark, you have truly arrived! Sure you may still have thoughts about smoking but you have proven to yourself that you CAN beat your addiction at it's own deadly game.


Yes this is an insidious addiction but there are also habitual responses involved because most of us have smoked for decades. Same response to triggers over dozens of years. All those need to be addressed when we quit. It can be overwhelming at times but it IS doable. That's why support here is important cuz we DO get it! You're not alone. You're one of us :) 

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On 4/18/2018 at 8:10 PM, Sazerac said:



This is a clear description. ^^^^^^^^^




I'm trying to get this gif to work


Joy ! It is working.




and I am adding a link to a thread

with information about   How Smoking Changes Our DNA



Check out the whole thread, there are some great links

and a couple of videos from our friend, Joel Spitzer.

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On 2/19/2020 at 7:57 AM, Sazerac said:


Hello new quitters !

Please check out all the videos contained in this thread, they will help you understand nicotine addiction which will then give you power.


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