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  1. @intoxicated yodaHope you got some sleep. I understand how you feel and I think everyone who uses substance to cope with life does as well. Its what is underneath when we stop using. Lately I've been seeing it as a yawing chasm that is parallel to my path. My job is to understand it is there but not to allow myself to be consumed by it. In other words, its about just letting whatever it is arise, to be, without trying to change it. Easier said than done but I am reminded it is a practice. We got really good at smoking so now we have to get really good at not smoking! With smoking, we were always able to change how we felt or at least feel as though we had some control over it. It was not a good option but it was our go-to. Now we have to deal with whatever we feel without picking up and that is really uncomfortable for a long time. Probably doesn't help much but I think we all deal with an emptiness that we try to fill. When we can't we think there is something wrong with us when its really just the nature of the gig. However, it sounds as though you are doing some really good things for yourself. It takes TIME to heal; at least I keep reminding myself of that. Thanks for sharing and sending peaceful vibes your way....
  2. Also, it is a grieving process. Most (if not all) of us used cigarettes as a substitute for connection. For me, it started when I was in a devastating relationship with alcohol (and a man-it all fits together). I got rid of the booze, the man and I healed but the smokes remained. They became my companion as life just didn't seem to turn out the way I had hoped. Finally, through a lot of hard work and the help of these loving souls on the QT, I was able to put down the cigarettes. Today I am headed out to see a former smoking companion. She is still smoking but knows I am not. I know there is a trigger there but am trusting it will unfold for both of us in a healthy way-she wants to quit so maybe instead of me feeling sad that we don't "share" that anymore, I can be excited that there is a new chapter for us. Anyway its super normal to feel sad but smoking will not change that. Rather you will feel sad and angry that you are in a toxic relationship if you pick up again. Sorry for the ramble but I hope something in here helps to give you strength.
  3. @EdyWelcome! I too lost a brother to addiction. Its really quite common; I think we are all addicted to something. I agree with @Lindato dedicate our actions to those we love who, for whatever reason, couldn't do it. This is not an easy road being an addict. But there is a way out and everyone here is committed to supporting you get to the other side. Best wishes!
  4. @Gusam I imagining things? It says only 9 months. Congrats again and thanks for the inspiration.
  5. Its been fun to explore different things now that there is so much more time to do so. Also, any activity helps keep the quit, at least that has been my experience.
  6. @GusNot to be persnickety but what is wrong with your ticker? Its not right.... Because you have (we all have) fought hard for our time and it needs to be reflected accurately!!
  7. Thanks for sharing. I am at day 108 (?). I started running again (@7500 feet so its a good challenge-lungs healing) and lost four pounds. I'm going to start Tai Chi classes at the local gym because why not? People in the movies look so peaceful doing it... The anxiety is a bitch. That and the depression seems to be what all of us quitters struggle with. But we are way better off than six months ago, no? Keep on keeping on!
  8. @DianneGlad you are here. I followed your journey and its been inspiring which I needed today so thank you. Hope you will stick around as it sure does help me (and everyone on the QT methinks). Congratulations!
  9. Here where it should be snowing, its mid-50's and beautiful. While I appreciate the warmth, it makes me really sad since we need water and I would like to ski. Hope everyone on the QT has a great and smoke-free day!
  10. Wow! Congrats! Right behind you....
  11. @KrisYour post above rendered a legal opinion. I pointed out that opinion is not accurate only to have you ask me to explain how it works. I am not here to give legal advice. I would recommend that if any one has concerns over insurance coverage they contact their carriers or attorneys for clarification.
  12. @Kate18I commented previously and realized it was not well-received. I can appreciate your concerns but based on my experience its unlikely your worst fears will be realized.
  13. KEL

    New look

    Yeah I hate updates. Except this is not one I am going to give up on. Just keeps our quits FRESH!
  14. That's a sweet topic @notsmokinjo. My people hail from Canada so it was summers in Vancouver picking blackberries down the lane from my grandmother's house. She used to make a lattice-topped pie. I am pretty sure I took after her: she smoked for 40 years or something but lived well until her late 80's.
  15. @JoanDWelcome and congratulations! That is a super impetus. I am really glad you are here!
  16. @garry mhudsonDon't think one can ever be "late" on congratulations. Its such an amazing accomplishment @Linda! Deserves to be recognized for quite a while...

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