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Status Updates posted by Gemzee

  1. Wine o'clock

  2. I fly to England in under 12 hours!!!!!!!

  3. Super excited....wish it was Friday now!!

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    2. babs609


      me too! but probably not for the same reasons as Gem..spill!


    3. Gemzee


      I land in England on Friday. It will be great to be back home :)


    4. babs609


      excellent!! well I am happy for you!! come on friday!

  4. Grr sore throat :( ...soooo glad I don't smoke!! :)

  5. 1 week & 1 day until I fly home YAY!!!!!! :)

    1. El Bandito

      El Bandito

      Back to ciiiiider country?

    2. Gemzee


      Yep! Super excited!

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