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  1. Thank you. Paul says thanks too! P.S. He quit smoking as well.
  2. Sorry guys, this is a serious decision and I know myself well enough to say that I can't quit just like that, I've failed numerous times when quitting the same day when decided. I have to set a date, can't promise this week but I can say that you changed my mind here, had no intention to quit when I came here today. You are all right in saying there's no need to put it off. It's not like I'd gain something from additional years of smoking. In only 9 months after relapse, I see my addiction getting stronger every day and that's a solid reason to quit earlier. I will quit by the end of March. Again, thank you for support!!!
  3. Thank you very much everybody. @Whispers it's so nice you can relate man, this addiction is the hardest of all. I remember you too. @jillar as you posted in Julie's thread, you're correct: I was two weeks behind you. I remember being envy for that early in my quit (in a good way + quitter's irritability). Funny thing is, I only came here to inform of my relapse and now after reading a few threads, I'm making plans to quit again. You are the right crowd! I will keep you updated on my quit date which I feel will be really soon.
  4. Edit: sorry, I was trying to post it in my own thread but with you on my mind, Julie. I relapsed after two years, was having lot of personal issues as well. Didn't solve anything. I hope you can find the strength to stay clean. You know, I might quit sooner than I was planning. After all it's no accident I came back here. And when I compare my energy levels during the quit vs. now, it's like night and day. Plus all the other benefits like having a normal appetite, being able to enjoy food, being proud of beating the most powerful addiction of all (scientifically proven fact). Not to mention having clear skin and not smelling like dead body. To all the people who are having a hard time: I was having a really difficult time in my personal life and I used it as an excuse to smoke. Used it as an excuse is exactly what it was, because I knew it won't make things better and it surely didn't. In fact i was heading towards relapse for at least 6 months: started romanticizing the smoking, stopped visiting support forums. Don't do what I did, I hope at least some of you who are struggling will get something good out of my relapse. It starts way earlier in your thoughts and when you can recognise the reawakening of addiction in your thinking process, and do something about it, it's way better. Because when you buy that pack, it's usually already too late. Bottom line: smoking doesn't solve emotional problems. At best, it masks them not unlike any other drug.
  5. Hello guys, I remember most of you from quitsmokingmessageboard.com, belated thank you all for congratulations. Actually, it was 2 years, not 3 years celebration last June. I just decided to drop in cause I feel obligated to tell you all that I relapsed on June 19 2018, in case somebody still remembers me. At this point of my life, I'm not planning to quit but I will surely be back to quitting and to this forum in the future. Good luck everybody!
  6. I totally agree with you. It's just a title of the movie that I like ("Hangover Square")
  7. Hello everybody, I want to introduce myself. I used to be quite an active member on QSMB and decided to take a little break in January. Sadly, only to find out now that my beloved forum is dead. Howewer, I was lucky to find this board and really am glad that so many old acquaintances moved here too. I will surely be glad to meet everyone whom I still don't know and will try my best to give support for those struggling. My brief smoking and quit history: smoked 11 years, quit cold turkey summer 2016. This was one of the best decisions of my life. Good luck on your path to freedom and better living!

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