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  1. Hey all I,m back ...been 4 months without a cigarette,don,t even want one.Been a tough road but I have this beat...never going to take even one puff.Now I smoke a pack of toothpicks a day without the smoke...seriously I am now hooked on toothpicks oh well better then tobacco pollution in the lungs
  2. That was likely meant for me, Sorry,I will show myself to the door.Thanks all and keep fighting that nicotine monster...Kev and Duncan(The Donut Hound)
  3. I am very sorry all,just thinking of my brother who died of cancer 4 years ago,2 days before he died I had to load him on a wheel chair and haul him and his medical gear outside for a friggin cigarette in a flipping snow storm
  4. No you have got good a being an addict and if you like you say "Let your addiction run it's course" chances are very high it will kill you painfully.Cancer is NOT nice
  5. "Five-year-strong quit... had one bad day, and I knew where my husband (the dirty smoker) kept his cigarettes, and I caved" And it didn't fix your bad day did it.Lets do this again "TravellingSunny" be that smokers who want to quit inspiration and hero again please
  6. Yep motorcycle accident for me,but with opiods you can't just go to the Indian reserve for a pack of oxy or codeine,I beat that and I will beat this nicotine addiction.There is about as much reason for me to put a cigarette in my mouth and lite it,then there is to stick an needle full of heroin into my arm.
  7. Your not stupid "Boater" you just have some thought in your mind that cigarettes were enjoyable,They weren't,you just smoke a cigarette to raise the nicotine in your system to feel like a non- smoker ,Rather like a heroin addict that has to keep the flow of heroin constant to feel like a non-heroin addict...like you
  8. Where I come from (Southern Ontario ) The Indian reserves have little smoke shacks(With a drive through windows) and sell "Cheap Smokes" to anybody with money for 3 bucks a pack.but because of Political Correctness the Government allows them to sell cigarettes to high school kids
  9. You don't like smoking "Boater" it;s the nicotine monster running your brain.The rest of your body hates smoking
  10. You can do this "Boater" just look at somebody smoking,do they look happy or glad they smoke,no their like every smoker out there thinking DAMN this is a stupid expensive addiction.The Dude that took a dried tobacco leaf,stuffed it in a bowl , lit it on fire ,sucked in the fumes and told his buddies"This is great stuff" should have a good swift kick to the rollers DAILY
  11. It taught me that I must have stunk pretty bad because my dog "Duncan the donut hound" would sit on the floor and sleep in his dog bed,now he's like a high school boy with a new girl friend.I can't keep him off me.Ah I don't mind he's a cool dog
  12. "All three girls I was with don't hesitate to smoke when they drink| Those poor girls,still nicotine addicts and you my dear Ren are beating that monster every day.30 days quit,You are a inspiration to smokers around you,because we all know 99% of smokers want to be ex-smokers. keep up the good work.....Cheers..Kev
  13. 6 months will be better ,seriously guys I got this ,I DO NOT WANT TO SMOKE ANYMORE
  14. Got that evil nicotine monster just about dead,oh I know he will never fully die but I have him on the ropes now.Believe it or not week 5 was my worst.My brain was rebooting itself from using nicotine as a fuel for 35 years and I was dizzy,confused,tired and down right stupid.I was so close to just buying cigarettes ,then said no frickin way,not after what we have been through.Week 6 and things are really getting better.I now don't imagine myself with a cigarette everytime I think of myself doing something,like fishing or driving. keep up the good war all KIev
  15. Bad day today,Wow after a month and now I want a cigarette.I thought I was strong but this quit is making me depresses and feel like I am losing my marbles

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