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  1. Illpass

    Thursday 30th August 2018

  2. Illpass

    Illpass is 8 months Smoke Free!!

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate your support!
  3. Illpass

    Sunday 29th July 2018

    Better late than never, NOPE
  4. Illpass

    Monday July 2 2018

  5. Illpass

    Illpass is 7 months Smoke Free!!

    Yes, sure is. Won’t trade it for anything.
  6. Illpass

    Illpass is 7 months Smoke Free!!

    Thank you all. I feel that I must correct a mistake I made. I've actually got just over 6 months. When I came over from QSMB I initially had my quit date wrong. It's since been updated. Thanks to you all for the support.
  7. Illpass

    Monday 28th May 2018

    NOPE, I'll Pass
  8. Illpass

    Friday 13th April 2018

    I’m late, but NOPE

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