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  1. My Quit Day!

    Welcome aboard - You have received a lot of good advice. Read it & re-read it as often as you can. Focusing on the little moments (rather than the big picture) helped during the early stages. In other words, if I could just choose to do something other than smoke at this particular moment, I could add a few more moments to my “quit”. Then those moments became hours; then days; and then I really had something to protect. After a few weeks, I had to pinch myself to believe that I could really do this. But realized that it was just me making a choice each moment of each day whether to smoke or to go do something else. The other big help for me was reading the posts of those who had quit before me. They promised that if all I did was just “not smoke”, it would get easier. And they were right. If I had not read their stories; I might not have trusted the fact that it does get easier; and also transforms your life into something so very wonderful.
  2. Despair Not Reaches The Lido Deck Today!!

    Congratulations - You have been a true inspiration to me over the past year. Thanks for sharing & making it all seem so do-able! Enjoy your life on the Lido deck - You deserve it!
  3. Approching 2 yrs

    Thanks for sharing & congratulations on nearly 2 years. What a great role model for your kids - spending time working out rather than smoking. You should be very proud. It is always good to hear from others whose paths we are following.
  4. All the moments I missed hiding away to get my “fix” of nicotine.
  5. Drinking and Smoking Pt. II

    Great post, Jim. I have followed your quit over this past year & admire your honesty & tenacity. Keep sharing & keep enjoying life as a non-smoker. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Sunday 18 March 2018

  7. Dutchess66 Is On The Lido Deck Today!!

    Congratulations, Duchess. It has been an honor to share this past year with you. As both sets of my grandparents emigrated from Friesland, I have taken notice of your participation & think your English is fantastic! So glad you are celebrating this monumental accomplishment & thanks for sharing your wise counsel with those of us who follow.
  8. Beazel Arrives On The Lido Deck Today!!

    Beazel - you are such an inspiration to us all. Your honesty; your kindness; and your “common sense” have been my “go to” ideas for living without our smokes. Thanks for all that you do & congratulations on achieving your One Year status. Save me a seat & please stay active on this board - you are saving countless lives. All the best to you!
  9. Best Quit Smoking Products?

    The best for me was all the information to read that is posted on this site. After many failed attempts using nicotine replacement products, I found that learning about & truly understanding how the addiction works on one’s brain to be the most helpful tool. Once I understood the concept of smoking to relieve the withdrawal symptoms (as compared with for pleasure or to relieve stress or to deal with anxiety), in other words, all the reasons (excuses) my addicted brain told me that I needed to smoke for. Once I just accepted the fact that I was only smoking to relieve withdrawal & thus would be stuck with having to smoke every hour or two for the rest of my life UNLESS I chose to experience a “once and for all” withdrawal that would finally put an end to this cycle. It took months; but the oldsters were right. It really does go away with the passage of time. The rewards are unbelievable. The only way out of it is through it. Read & understand the addiction & you too will find your way through it.
  10. Quit - Bronchitis Kicking My Butt

    Are you starting to heal? Are you reading everything on this site in order to “keep your quit”. We are very understanding & empathetic - just share your thoughts & we will help!
  11. I smoked tonight (in my dream)...

    I too feel sorry for your friend. Finding a place to smoke (opportunities) used to consume so much of my daily focus. What an absolute joy to be free of those worries. The concert sounds like it was a wonderful evening. Glad you shared.
  12. Day 8: Getting better?

    Hi Steve - all good comments here. what helped me was to visualize my quit as a vulnerable little baby or puppy that only I could protect. I would imagine myself wrapping my arms around it to protect it from any & all outside influences that might try to harm it or take it away from me. Your quit is yours - own it; protect it; and be very proud of how it is growing a little bigger & stronger with each passing day.
  13. My Story...Hope it Helps

    Thanks for sharing what many of us feel but find it difficult to express in words. Quitting smoking after 40 + years of doing everything with a cigarette has been challenging to say the least. Your story is an inspiration to us all that it can be done if one just keeps saying “no - not today”. We are grateful that you are part of us. Congratulations!
  14. QuitTrain and QSMB !!!!

    Can someone explain how to use the “Wayback Machine” to see some of our old posts from QSMB? Many thanks!
  15. 2m 2d 21h

    Congratulations on protecting your quit. Whenever I am around another person who is still smoking, it helps to remember that I am CHOOSING to not smoke. Don’t let anyone or anything become more important than the decision right now to choose to not smoke. The moment will pass & you will feel (as you already do) so proud of yourself for making the right choice.

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