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  1. Mollie1

    DaveH Arrives on the Lido Deck Today!!

    Congratulations on your one year quit anniversary. You hung on to that rope through “thick & thin” & have a lot to celebrate. It has been a pleasure to share this past year with you.
  2. Mollie1

    Saturday 31st March 2018

  3. Mollie1

    Mar 2 was my last smoke

    Believing that the day would come when one can go all day without thinking of smoking is what kept me going. And it is true. The only way to stop thinking about smoking is to not smoke. It may seem unbelievable; but it really is true & it is wonderful. Congrats on choosing the “smoke-free” life.
  4. Mollie1

    Hello from QSMB. Quit 18 April

    Love being able to travel without spending 1/2 my time trying to find places to smoke. The freedom is wonderful!! Enjoy your weekend & so glad you found us.
  5. Mollie1

    Keep That Quit!

    Thanks for sharing your good news. May you & yours have a blessed weekend!
  6. Mollie1

    Weird - no pattern to it sometimes

    Oh Giveintown, I do understand. Sometimes days go by with 0 thoughts of having a smoke; then today for example, triggers like doing food prep for hosting an Easter brunch. Throughout the day, it was “time for a break; time to go outside & have a smoke; time to think about what else could be prepared ahead of time; time to go out & have a smoke; time to think about the where & what of serving/placing items out; oh & now time again for a smoke while I figure all this stuff out.” All day long - I had to remind myself that I no longer smoke on my “breaks”. Bottom line is that I am really proud of the fact that I continue to choose not to smoke. But old habits disappear very slowly. Keep posting & sharing. We get it.
  7. Mollie1

    Thursday 29th March 2018

  8. Mollie1

    Found you again!

    For me, three months is when my addicted self finally realized that I was serious about quitting & made some pretty desperate gasps for “just one more”. Be extra vigilant; stay close to the forum; read & read & read & once through this, you will start to experience longer stretches of not even thinking about smoking - sometimes almost an entire day. Also, be cautious about the “nice weather” triggers as most of us enjoyed our smokes the most when being outdoors on nice days. I mean did we really enjoy hiding out in a snowstorm just to get our fix? You can do this! Congratulate yourself each day for making the choice each day to add one more day to your quit journey - no matter what.
  9. So glad you found us. Yes, I remember the 3 month mark very well. It truly is a turning point towards “easier times”. But the addiction finally realizes that you are serious about this quit & will try many new ploys to convince you that “just one can’t hurt”. Protect all those hours/days/weeks you have invested in YOU & just keep saying NOPE. You are doing just great & congrats on maintaining your quit all by yourself for so long.
  10. Great post & Great job of “keeping your quit”. It is so simple to see; yet so hard to do. Thank goodness for folks who understand.
  11. Mollie1

    A post from a year ago today

    So glad you are sharing. I know it helps me & am certain it helps others as well. Great job on your 1+ year quit.
  12. Mollie1

    My Quit Day!

    Welcome aboard - You have received a lot of good advice. Read it & re-read it as often as you can. Focusing on the little moments (rather than the big picture) helped during the early stages. In other words, if I could just choose to do something other than smoke at this particular moment, I could add a few more moments to my “quit”. Then those moments became hours; then days; and then I really had something to protect. After a few weeks, I had to pinch myself to believe that I could really do this. But realized that it was just me making a choice each moment of each day whether to smoke or to go do something else. The other big help for me was reading the posts of those who had quit before me. They promised that if all I did was just “not smoke”, it would get easier. And they were right. If I had not read their stories; I might not have trusted the fact that it does get easier; and also transforms your life into something so very wonderful.
  13. Mollie1

    Despair Not Reaches The Lido Deck Today!!

    Congratulations - You have been a true inspiration to me over the past year. Thanks for sharing & making it all seem so do-able! Enjoy your life on the Lido deck - You deserve it!
  14. Mollie1

    Approching 2 yrs

    Thanks for sharing & congratulations on nearly 2 years. What a great role model for your kids - spending time working out rather than smoking. You should be very proud. It is always good to hear from others whose paths we are following.
  15. All the moments I missed hiding away to get my “fix” of nicotine.

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