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Day 7! My Thoughts Today




Wow, it is day 7 already - time has went by fast, kinda . . .take a look at this mish mash I made up - in no particular order, just a jumbled mess! 

I have some thoughts to share:
First - Everyone is so super helpful here and I am more appreciative than I could ever express. I'd like to mail you all $20 bills & (((hugs))), lol - really. 
Second - I am sick and tired of suckers. I am open to suggestions that don't involve candy. My mouth is literally sore and there are sores on the roof of my mouth and my tongue from the suckers/candy. Plus it can't be good for my teeth either. Obviously. 
Third - I am still reeling over the fact that I am nicotine-free! I am so proud I must be beaming! Doing this without NRT's has been a very, very wise choice IMO.
Fourth - I still want to smoke 😞  But I remain determined NOT TO! NOT ONE MORE PUFF! 

Other things worth mentioning today I suppose: 
- I wake up a lot during the night, I never used to do that. A train could roll thru my room & I wouldn't budge. But now I am up every couple hours. 
- I smell things I never smelled before. My under-eye make-up actually has a scent! I never knew that. So crazy! 
- Speaking of the nose, mine runs constantly now. It ran a LOT before, but now it's constant, which is making my throat hurt as well. 
- I can't pretend like I am all happy & nice right now, because I am the opposite. I am quite miserable to be around right now. I snap at people for little reason, etc. I am a very huge bitch (excuse my French, but that's the only way I know how to put it!) 
- I got a new diamond painting I have been working on, (Jack & Sally) - I will post a pic when I am done. It definitely keeps my mind off smokes! 

Sorry for the silly pic ...  I am a picture person! I think it is important to take lots of pictures for memories ❤️ and I am a silly girl lol ;)
Sorry for the rambling as well! I at least tried to keep it orderly. I just wanted to document this nonsense somewhere.


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First mrsguest, everything you are experiencing is completely normal! Most of us had insomnia in the beginning of our quits. This can last a couple months or more but not always. Remember everyone is different. As far as sick of candy/suckers, try maybe popsicles instead? You can even make your own with Kool-Aid. Yummy :) AND it will help those sores.

The runny nose could be a sinus infection, again, not uncommon when quitting. Or it could be something as simple as allergies that now that your sense of smell has returned is getting triggered by something. Always, if anything is particularly bothersome go see your dr. never a bad idea after quitting and they get so happy to hear you've quit :)

Congratulations on 7 days, that's hell week done and dusted. I'll pm you my address for that $20.00 🤣 

Ps. cute pic :) 

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Hello Mrs,

I was just thinking of you and how fabulous I think you are.

You jumped into cold turkey all the way and are rocking your quit !

I am super excited for you.


I ate Satsumas and a lot of them in my early days.

Also, altoids and those little fabulous ginger candies.

Breathing was better than candy.  Available, free and delicious.


Take care of your mouth.  Salt water rinses.

All of your symptoms are not uncommon, as Jillar said, 

and I agreee....go to the quack if you have any issues.


All this is temporary, including your bitchiness.

Be extra kind to yourself, you are doing serious work, beating addiction ! 

I am glad to hear you are rewarding yourself.

Diamonds are just the thing !



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mrsguest seven days is huge.  You should feel so proud.  

That nose running could really be allergies.  They have been saying the pollen has been awful and you live kind of close to me.  

I drank a lot of water and sucked on ice cubes.  Maybe warm tea would be soothing.

Remember you have made it through hell week and it will get easier every day.  Keep looking ahead and concentrate on that smoke free life!  

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Thanks you all!! 

I think you all are amazing ❤️ 


10 minutes ago, Linda Thomas said:

Remember you have made it through hell week and it will get easier every day.  Keep looking ahead and concentrate on that smoke free life!  

Hell week? Really?!?! I am excited to know this! 
Last time I quit for about 3.5 weeks and I have a fuzzy memory of the last part. I am glad I have made it thru! 

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Congrats on 7 days (Hell week Done)! It's a crazy journey in the beginning. Your whole world (and mind) was turned upside down and shaken into a jumble but from that jumble, you will build a new life. A nonsmoking life that will be richer and healthier than you can imagine. It will all be more than worth the temporary struggles. You are on track now and moving forward. Don't give up an inch of that hard fought for ground. It WILL get easier all the time. Wear that pride on your sleeve because others need to know what a great thing you have done for yourself :) 

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17 hours ago, jillar said:

I'll pm you my address for that $20.00 🤣 

Ps. cute pic :) 

So sorry I forgot to reply to this! I will totally mail you $20! 
And thank you ❤️ 

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