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1 week down



As joyful and as awesome as Saturday was for me, Sunday was that much of blah. It’s a roller coaster ride. 


I found myself missing smoking at several times throughout the day yesterday. I guess that’s romanticizing smoking...thinking of the enjoyment of it, etc. I had to remind myself to just live in and be present in this moment; to decide not to smoke right now. 


I have some PTSD-like things that come up every now and again and while i manage them much better than I used to I still get a little lost in those thoughts sometimes. That had a hold of me yesterday too and was probably why I thought more about smoking. When im emotionally or physically weak that’s when the smoke thoughts come on strong. A reminder to take care of me. 


 Anyway I think that to recognize the feeling or emotion that makes me think about smoking is good but only if I can kind of examine it from a “distance.” That’s tricky but it goes to controlling how I respond to an emotion - or trigger. I also have to be willing to let that emotion or trigger go. Each time I do It (acknowledge, accept, let go) i get stronger and it gets easier. It becomes my new habit. A healthier, more positive, and socially acceptable habit. 


I think that a main reason to quit smoking and stay quit is because I can and it’s an accomplishment and success that feels good... like look at me: i won this mental battle today! It’s like it’s own reward.  I am proud to have 1 week of practice under my belt. 


I can keep doing this. I got on this roller coaster by choice and I don’t have to be afraid. 


Today im going to start a 21-day core fitness challenge. I hope that writing it here where others can see will help hold me to it. 😁


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Glad you got through Hell Week not too much worse for the wear! Hang onto that pride, I think it's an important part of your quit. :12_slight_smile:

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Posted (edited)

Well done!  Keep up the great work!



Edited by Nancy
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You are doing great, sure, there may be bumps ahead but, hold fast to your resolve.

It gets easier, believe all of us, it gets easier.


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You are doing great, Rose!  Congrats on 1 week smoke free!

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