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Turned Another Corner




Woke up this morning feeling different


cannot explain it just different - relaxed almost


bonnies thread about her 13 cigarettes made me think about my 3 I have been hanging onto


I kept them to keep up my fight as I had something physical to fight


I have realised the fight is in my head


I drowned them today and binned them - no emotion to it at all


No longer feel scared or need to fight - I think thats why I feel relaxed it`s like an end of a battle



It feels weird but in a good way :)

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I'm very proud of you for getting rid of your last link that ties you to smoking. Now you are truly a non smoker and will live the rest of your life as a non smoker. I know your dad would be and is very happy and proud of you.


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Good one Tracey...No need to keep them around..I am sure you will never smoke again...you have that confidence about you .

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