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Day 10-16



Hey everyone,


The site was down, but I didn't quit. Although I must say, it was and still is quite difficult at times.


However, it has now been nearly 17 days since June 6, 2024, when I finally succeeded in quitting. I feel amazing. I mean, I sleep less, I am more confident, I do lots of things, and I believe the addiction is getting weaker day by day. It still requires some struggling and inner discussions from time to time. But convincing myself to go and buy a smoke after 16 days without it is much harder than it was after just one day, so I guess this also plays a role in weakening this demon.


So, yeah, let's keep going, guys!

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Hi @Dejvis93  I am very happy that you didn't give up your quit while the site was down.  Wow, 17 days already, that is great!!  You are doing really fantastic!  Keep doing it!  The first couple of months you will struggle but it gets easier and easier as time goes on.  Even though I am quit over a year, on occasion I still get an urge but it passes very quickly and isn't the same type of urge that I got in the beginning. Have a great weekend! 😀

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Yes! Quitting nicotine is a marathon; not a sprint! Meaning that you have to keep your original goal in your mind long term. Never forget why you quit! It's as important today as it was day 1. It will continue to be as important months from now.

That's what we mean when we say "stay on guard", even when you feel you've got the addiction beat. Don't ever let the addiction seduce you into your old vaping ways. Trust me, your addiction will continue to try and fool you for some time. If you remain committed, you'll be fine. 

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What recip said but with bells on .

You have nearly cracked this .

Would you really want to go through the last few weeks again.

Think about it.


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