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Quit Date: 6/7/15


Posted June 27, 2015 


So basically what I'm figuring out is that cigarettes and nicotine are big fat liars. For all those years they kept me at their beck and call by making me afraid. I was afraid to quit because I thought I wouldn't be able to have fun without a cig. LIE. I was afraid to quit because I thought it would be too hard. LIE. I was afraid to quit because I thought every day would be like day 1. LIE. I was afraid to quit because I wouldn't be "me" without my smokes. LIE!! I am telling you, I feel more joy at social situations than I ever have!! Why? Because I can concentrate on having fun instead of worrying when I can sneak outside for a cigarette. I physically feel soooo much better already. And I'm also really proud of myself. But I have to be honest and say I'm a little pissed that I was duped for so long. Anyway, I'm so happy to be a non smoker. Thanks for being here for me!


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Thanks for bumping this @jillar. I, too, have swallowed all of these lies hook, line and sinker. Plus the biggest lie of all… that smoking is “gratifying.” LIE. What actually happened for me was that smoking triggered a craving for more nicotine, which created a craving for even more nicotine, repeated on an endless loop. No matter how much I smoked, it was never “enough.” Although I haven’t yet reached the place where being smoke-free feels completely joyful, I am certainly grateful that nicotine is no longer my puppet master.

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