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  1. Wellness or illness?  You decide. 

    1. Gus


      Wellness! 🤗

    2. Mee


      Hopefully wellness.  Yes, I quit but what did the years of smoking do.  I try to imagine my body healing as my quit years add up.

    3. PeachFuzz


      @Mee most smokers don't realize how much smoking has taken away from them until they stop. Suddenly you are breathing easier. You can say a sentence or two with out running out of puff,  your heart rate and blood pressure improves. 


      Every single day that you don't inhale all those poisons and carbon monoxide your body especially your lungs are healing. Good for you  xx

  2. For many of us, 1s to many and a 1000 are never enough. 


    We are always one puff away from a pack a day. 


    Just DON"T do it! 

  3. Three sleeps to go. 


    Happy Sunday GIF

  4. Self care  - Because nobody can pour from an empty cup. 


  5. Love you Robin. 


    1. jillar


      A great actor and comedian gone way too soon 😢

  6. Hope you have a kick ass day Steve! 

    1. Steven Drojensky

      Steven Drojensky

      Thanks, Phoebe. You, too!

  7. I've set a date to get back my life back to normal. Do I feel slight apprehension. Naturally. Am I excited? Yes. 


    With all the love I'm getting and this amazing forum, the universe is shouting a huge YES. And to think I nearly left. When you want something badly enough, the whole universe will conspire to help you achieve it. 


    I'll be sticking close. 


    So much gratitude. 


    Have a wonderful weekend everyone  xox



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