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  1. What an accomplishment! Congratulations
  2. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. It feels so good. I worked out 25/30 days this month too! I’ve finally started chipping away at the pounds I added during the beginning of my quit and quarantine. I can’t believe how much time I used to waste smoking every day! I am getting so much more done. I am, for the most part, loving it. I still have my moments that I miss it, but the benefits always seem to outweigh the idea of cheating. I NEVER want to have to do that again! Now I guess I get to figure out who I am as a non-smoker. Does that sound weird?
  3. Yes! That is awesome news! You have got this!
  4. That is fabulous! Keep up the great work!
  5. Yay! You got this! Keep up the good work!
  6. It was a tough day today. I was super cranky! @Mona I felt a little wobbly after each step. (Someone used the term “wobbly” somewhere on here. I think it’s perfect to explain how you feel.) It only lasted for a few days for each. I’m hoping this last one is the same. I did go for a walk and dig out in the garden a bit. It does seem to help.
  7. Wow! That is impressive! I hope to get there one day myself By then you’ll have 16! Congratulations
  8. Actually, stopping the nrt patches tomorrow. I can’t wait to be rid of them. On the other hand, I’m a little nervous too. The other night I dreamed I was smoking. Weird right?! The thing is I wasn’t enjoying it, and I was really mad at myself for doing it. It was kind of a nightmare. I have put some distractions in place. I got my garden started, and I’m taking walks daily. I also want to keep my quitting and quarantine pounds down. That’s the other big challenge. Any advice in this area? Also I wanted to tell you that this group has been wonde
  9. I am so happy! Honestly, I think being on quarantine helped a lot too. My entire routine was upended, which helped me avoid many of my triggers. If it’s the one positive that comes from this craziness, I am going to run with it! I am going to keep with it! I love not smelling like smoke! I like that my cough is starting to fade away. My kids are proud of me.
  10. Thanks for all of your input. So I do have another question: At what point can you refer to yourself as a non-smoker? I imagine it’s different for everyone. Is there an “official” time period?
  11. I can’t believe it! After 30 years, I’ve finally made it this far. I want to thank you guys and gals for supporting me. I know I only post every so often, but your responses have been super helpful. Sometimes it’s good to hear different perspectives. I like the article and videos you recommended too. i am stepping down a level on my NRT. I know it’s not the greatest, but honestly think I would never have made it this far without using it. I feel ready to move to a lower dosage. To think I’ll be completely free in a few more weeks is exciting. i just talked to my
  12. Wow! Thanks for the support! I am trying to find healthy break activities. Unfortunately, I find that I just keep working. Part of that is adjusting to working from home too. i just hit my two week mark! Yay! In two weeks I step down from 21 to 14 mg patches. I will read the article posted above. Thank you for being here, all of you! I feel a little less alone.
  13. I’m not on day 12. I am using nrt. So far it’s been okay. There have been some really hard moments. I feel a little lost sometimes. I don’t know how to take a break for myself w/o smoking.

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