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  1. This time it worked . Why ? Because i don't have cigarettes with me
  2. @brand.new.ela Exactly ... These days i imagine myself in the African savanna a lot instead of YouTube night clubs ...
  3. pottanramu

    do you have trouble sleeping when you quit

    Almost no sleep until 4 , i don't even know what to do to sleep early ...
  4. pottanramu

    Day 1 again!!!

    You have to get out of that cycle and triggers soon ...
  5. pottanramu

    Post a Song you Like

    Very nice artwork on that cover
  6. Nice video I thought Sazerac was a guy all these time 🤭
  7. pottanramu

    Thursday 12:AM 18/10/2018

    no no no no
  8. pottanramu

    Day 1 again!!!

    I was too until 2 days ago . Then i put this picture in my Facebook ,and stopped buying cigarettes ... i have cravings too but i don't have cigarettes with me ...
  9. pottanramu

    Day 1 again!!!

  10. pottanramu

    Day 1 again!!!

    Don't keep cigarettes at home Lilly , its a good way to restart ... I am struggling too but i don't have cigarettes with me
  11. pottanramu

    What are cigarretes to you ?

    No , i was just saying i smoked because i thought it made me warm ...
  12. pottanramu

    What are cigarretes to you ?

  13. pottanramu

    What are cigarretes to you ?

    Thanks for the reply Boo , Sazerac , Doreensfree I am happy that i am able to narrow it down to the root cause of me smoking ... Which was the warm feeling it gives ... I decided to find it from something else ...

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