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  1. Nope and I would not be here if it wasn't for the support I received from my family of friends, on the forum
  2. hellkatbaby, dinner sounded wonderful. My husband is a chef too. He loves the cooking channels. Yay! last treatment. That will be a big relief. You need to share pictures of those pups. There is a dog section but you can post them here. Mine are early risers. I think there was a rooster on the farm, where we got them. They will be two in October but are still a work in progress. You definitely should go back to painting. I did a ton of crafting while I was recuperating. Art is so soothing to the soul. You should celebrate your day today and then come home and relax. Go Team Deadpool!
  3. This was a trip we took with our kids. The rangers had a hard time figuring out how to get me out. They decided to float me down river until they reached an area they could pull me up the side of the mountain on a deer carrier. The deer carrier was this board with a wheel on the bottom. My husband and kids thought it was exciting, but it was embarrassing and scary for me! #3 is the lie - Sazerac you are up
  4. On our mountain hiking trip, I sprained my ankle and the rangers had to #1 float me down the river to get me out #2 take me up the side of the mountain in a deer carrier #3 carried me out themselves
  5. @hellkatbaby I love the selfie also. My kids and grand kids would take a homecooked meal and games over going out. I bet you are a super cook. Quitting smoking, I had not patience. I would have set the BF straight. You definitely do not need stress in your life. Puzzles and mind games are the best way to keep that brain in tune. I keep hoping you will finally be able to relax and get some good rest. That is important in your recovery. Have a wonderful day with your family.
  6. I would love that. I will keep you up on my travels out there. My nephew wants to get married on Leap year Day , February 29th. He is a funny kid. Maybe he thinks he won't have an anniversary until every 4 years.
  7. My brother is great. He always gives me the car and says go. You will be on my visit list!
  8. We will put you on our travel list to. How far are you from LA? I am going to my brothers for a wedding in February. I can do a batch at his house and come for a visit. They would all love them.
  9. Hey Rici. You are just across the way. When my husband retires in January and we start traveling, you will be one of our stops. We will arrive with batch of meat pies!
  10. Hey Reci. I am making meat pies with my grand daughter. I am probably going to fall into bed tonight. Probably won't get back in the game until tomorrow. You can have my spot. Please do. My life needs a little color.
  11. Operation Meat Pies is still going. We have been at it since 12:00 noon today. I haven't counted them yet but this is a picture of half of them. We probably might have the last tray baked by 10:00 pm. We always had fun doing this with the grand kids when they were small but today has been pure joy. My grand daughter is a full fledged adult know. It is so much fun talking the adult subjects with her and her outlook on life. I am so proud of her. This kid really has her head on straight. Her Uncle stopped in to sample the pies and take some home. I have never had so many laughs listening to them talk. This is what makes me so proud of my quit. I now feel I will be around to enjoy more years of this.

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