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  1. Hopefully relaxing! We got our first snow storm today. It is suppose to continue through tomorrow. Not bad considering we are half way through January!
  2. Oh no Martian5. I will miss you dearly. You were a big part of my quit. I hope you enjoy the sunsets and that all is alright with you! Nope
  3. Oh Heather, the holidays can really stir up the emotions. I am so glad you were able to keep your quit. Stay close to the forum because we are here for you and care about how you are feeling. There was always someone here that made me smile through the difficult times of my quit. You will start to feel better. The longer you are quit, the more empowered you become!
  4. Congratulations @Tylers1027 on taking back your life. You can keep this quit going. Stay close to the forum and keep your mind focused on the positives of quitting. When you are home, start a hobby or do a puzzle. Keep yourself busy. I promise it will get better each day!
  5. You can do this BeautifulAspie 197. Stay focused on the prize (a life free of smoking)! Stay close to the forum and shout out to us if you need us. I did a lot of deep breathing, while closing my eyes and thinking of inhaling beautiful clean air. When you breath out, imagine you are blowing the nicotine out of your body. I have high anxiety and panic attacks. I smoked for 42 years and never thought I could quit. Well, I did it and it did not kill me in the process. Quitting gave me life and so much power. Hang in there!
  6. It is so much better to just stop the nicotine. Shame on your caregiver! It only takes a couple of days to rid your body of nicotine. You have the right idea of going for a walk. The first couple of days may be tough but are so worth saying goodbye to the nicotine. Just keep yourself focused on the end result and you will be able to do this.
  7. You've got this Joe. You will keep feeling the power and benefits of quitting!
  8. Oh, I hope your kitties feel better soon. My one golden retriever has been throwing up. I hope I don't have to take her into the vet.
  9. So sorry @joe bossio. Many of us ignored the possible results of our addiction. Hopefully your friend will be able to recoup what he has lost.

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