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  1. Linda Thomas

    What are you doing right now

    My husband has one and he is no where near a rich wanker. I married him for his looks!
  2. Linda Thomas

    Monday 22nd oct 2018

    Nope not today.
  3. Linda Thomas

    I've made up my mind....

    Me too! My husband used to point them out all the time and I always thought he was just a crabby old man. Then, all of a sudden they started jumping out at me! Well ten hour shift is enough to put you over the edge. How do you do it! The first part of my quit, I wanted to strangle everyone. Fortunately everyone survived! Hang in, you are doing great.
  4. Linda Thomas

    Wow...nearly six days

    What a beautiful picture and what a beautiful soul you are. How can you go there and not bring them all home? Helping others, including animals, always helps direct our attention away from our troubles. Six days is great. Savor as much chocolate as you want. It is tough to go through struggles alone. Please know we are here for you Pumpkin.
  5. Linda Thomas


    Wow, this is exactly how I felt. The longer I smoked the more I started to lose interest in things that I used to love. I loved crafting or painting and redecorating a room. I loved gardening. This past year all that seemed to change. As I start to live my smoke free life, I hope to rediscover these joys again.
  6. Linda Thomas

    Feeling a little vulnerable

    Well we are home and safe. It was a long ride home with my parents because they are not happy we won't be taking them back to the casino. I also told my mom I was going to spend more time giving care to my friend so she can stay in her home till the end. I do hope to have a little more time with her but realize she is 103. My mom will just have to count on my brother to help and pay to have her groceries delivered. Thanks for all the words of encouragement. I don't know what I would do without you all.
  7. Linda Thomas

    too much?

    Butter popcorn and jelly donut holes have become my comfort foods. I am even starting to feel the pouch getting bigger. Quitting smoking and gaining weight really bothered me before. Now I figured, if I could give up smoking, I can certainly give up food too. So I am going to savor it now while I make my quit stronger and then contend with it later!
  8. Linda Thomas

    Day 1 again!!!

    Well we were worrying Lilly and I am so glad you let us know. Please know you will have my continued prayers for your health and the ability to quit. I know you can do it Lilly. Let this be the scare that solidifies your quit. Being uncomfortable for a period of about three weeks is nothing compared to the feeling of not smoking. I had almost resolved myself to most likely dying of lung cancer. My self esteem was so low I did not think I cared. Now I feel like a different person. C'mon girl let us do this together.
  9. Linda Thomas

    Saturday 20th October 2018

    Nope cause I'm not going down that road anymore!
  10. Linda Thomas

    Feeling a little vulnerable

    @Sazerac I know you are and that you have my back. Well the old folks threw a tantrum and refused to go home. We are leaving Saturday morning to head home. Needless to say I am very aggravated at them but so much wiser. I do believe, with my new found confidence and the support of my quit buds, I have the strength to not allow them to take advantage anymore. I do count and need to start putting myself first. I might need a few good vibes sent my way to get through the drive home and my mom's whining. My husband and I had a nice time. It is amazing how different your life is without the smoking chain around your neck. My friend is hanging on. I almost think she is waiting for me to get home. Thanks, my dear forum friends, for being there and @c9jane29 for all my lovely sticks.
  11. Linda Thomas

    Day 1 again!!!

    Lilly. I felt like you. Smoking and knowing I would most likely get cancer. Heck I smoked through breast cancer and radiation! Now I am praying that I quit in time to avoid a horrible death. How could I have been so stupid. I was addicted and thought I could not live a life without cigs. I tried smoking clinics and hypnosis and nothing helped until I landed here. There is courage and support here and none of us are judging you. We are hurting for you because we have all been there. Together we have been able to shed the dreaded addiction. While I was on vacation, I found myself looking at smokers as if they were aliens. Never did I ever feel this was possible but it is. Get yourself checked and we will go from there. Know that I will be right there with you praying. Together all things are possible.
  12. Linda Thomas

    Friday 19th October 2018

    Nope not today
  13. Linda Thomas

    Feeling a little vulnerable

    @Sazerac I will keep close I know you are there for me. The trip home with my parents will be tough. They do lack empathy and will be upset they have to go home.
  14. Linda Thomas

    Feeling a little vulnerable

    I did call her. She is very depressed and did not want to talk but I did tell her I love her. I am not sure if she knows this is her time. Her niece has kept me informed. We have to retrieve my mom and dad from the casino. We are going to tell them we have to go home a day early.

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