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  1. Congratulations Christian99! You must me one very happy, healthy quitter!
  2. Never quit trying to quit. You can do this!
  3. Welcome ddlayla! Why don't you introduce yourself. We love to get to know are members. We are here to help with your quit. Shout out if you need us. Nope!
  4. Thirty minutes for me too. If I was agitated or upset, it could be one right after the other. Then there always was having to have one if there was someone smoking on the t.v.. If we were at the movies, and someone in the movie was smokelng, I was jonesing that cigarette until we were out of the theater. Since I did not smoke around my family, the minute I walked into my parents home. Actually, I could keep mentioning the times. I think I was jonesing even when I was smoking!!!!!!!
  5. Bless you dear friend. What a handful of dogs. I have three and can only handle two at one time. You and your friend must really be dog lovers!
  6. Stay out of trouble but have lots of fun!
  7. Well don't ever give up TIGERMATT! Next time give us an SOS before you smoke. We will be there to talk you out of it. If worse comes to worse, we have Doreen that will smack you with her frying pan. You can do this. You just have to push past those craves.

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