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  1. Linda Thomas

    Grund is 1 One Year Smoke Free!!!

  2. Linda Thomas

    Robert32 is 4 months smoke free

    Keep going. You are doing great and an inspiration to me.
  3. Linda Thomas

    Tuesday 21st August 2018

  4. Linda Thomas

    20 days is a celebration for me!

    Twenty days and it was actually a good day. I actually felt like I wanted the quit more than the cigarette. Every time the thought entered my mind, I would take a deep breath and exhale and the thought would pass. Maybe I have this after all. 😁
  5. Linda Thomas

    Quitting is a journey, not an event

    Great video. Thanks for sharing. Important part of quitting is changing behaviors. Adding this one to my arsenal of weapons to keep me on this journey.
  6. Linda Thomas

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    Well Blur. You and I can support each other and do it together. This is a great place for you to be. There is a lot of great info and friendship.
  7. Linda Thomas

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    If you broke your 52 year habit, it gives me encouragement I can break my 46 year habit. It does help not wanting to disappoint my cheering section!
  8. Linda Thomas

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    I'm on it. I can't believe the junk food I am craving. Will definitely do the Googling addiction.
  9. Linda Thomas

    Really feeling like I can't do this.

    Still hanging in but feel like I'm on the edge.
  10. Linda Thomas

    August 19th

  11. The days just aren't passing fast enough and the problems that I drown with my smoking seem to be so much more exacerbated! My mind is trying to tell me that I coped because I smoked but I know that isn't accurate. I keep thinking of that first cigarette in my life and how many long years I smoked. Then I think that it is too late for me - I smoked way too long. Then again, that is what brought me here hoping that this is my last stop chance to quit. Right now I am feeling depressed because I'm not smoking but I felt depressed when I was smoking. I keep reading the posts to see when that craving will go away and it does seem to be a long journey. Then I begin to think the journey is too long for me. I know I am rambling but I know it is better than smoking. 😕

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