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  1. Please tell me you don't fold your toilet paper to a point!. You can not use the bathroom at my mom's unless you fold the toilet paper into a point after you use it!
  2. Is that you in the photos? If it is congratulations. If you are working, I notice I lost the red color to my notifications. The white is hard to see.
  3. To combat vaping, Nebraska school district will randomly test students for nicotine http://a.msn.com/05/en-us/AAD4nyJ?ocid=se
  4. Oh Kdad. I am sorry I missed this. Hope you were able to push yourself through the craves. I have noticed you have not had your unique Nopes lately. Don't let life lead you back to that dark cloud over your life. You have come too far.
  5. Linda Thomas

    vuse commercials

    I agree Richard. They have been advertising the Jule here and I notice it is as if they are implying you would be quitting by changing over to the Jule. Just a different way of sucking you in.
  6. Hi Morgan. I am getting close to my year mark. This makes me realize I will always have to be on my toes. I do think it must be difficult to live with a smoker. So glad you realized you needed the support and have joined this great group of support.

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