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  1. Welcome Steph. I found this forum to be a wonderful support for my quit. After 42 years of many attempted quits, this place helped me realize that I had the power to do it. Stay close and shout out when you need us, we are here to help you through this journey!
  2. Happy Birthday Queen B. Congrats on celebrating it smoke free!
  3. Linda Thomas

    Bad day

    Vivian, I have dealt with very abusive parents in my lifetime and over the last three years I have been taking care of them because they are old and have failing health. I was so beat down and very depressed. I then found this forum and started to quit smoking. As I posted SOS's and my feelings, many people here noted that I was dealing with abuse. They encouraged me and made sure I knew that I was gaining power with my quit. It is now a year later and I have walked away from the burden and feel so powerful and in control of my life. Yes the addiction is going to try and play on these emotions but you need to realize how strong you are. I have been so impressed with the way you are pushing through your quit. I promise that as you keep powering through, you will become so strong. You are an awesome woman and your new relationship sounds wonderful. I know you are going to have a happy smoke free life!
  4. Oh Mightyboosh, stressful days do creep in on occasion. Feel so proud you did not think to smoke. You are getting more powerful every day. I do hope tomorrow will be much better!
  5. I will say money is not as important as happiness. Security is another issue. Which job is more secure. I have watched my husband age tremendously the last couple of years. He is 65 and doing a physical stressful job is difficult. He is ready for retirement. I am sure you will make the right decision. Not smoking helps clear the brain .
  6. Well we are on 65 South right now. It is nice to know we weren't the only ones lost in Nashville.
  7. You will love your new trailer. I especially love the potty! Once you have it stocked, it is so easy to go. Have a great time.
  8. You need an RV. All you have to do is pack food and clothes. Have a great time. You will think it is worth it when you are sitting around the fire.
  9. On the road in the RV again. On my way to @Boosville. Hoping he will come to our rescue when we get stuck going in circles in Nashville. My husband thinks the lady in the box (gps) will get us through. I think the lady in the box always sends us the longest most complicated route.
  10. Welcome katv. You have come to the right place for help to quit smoking. We all have felt like you. I actually came to believe I could not quit. I had tried everything and was not able to quit until I found this forum. The people here knew just what I needed to realize I had the power to quit. Since I am on my phone, I Can't quote @Vivianne. She is right on the mark when she says you have to separate your thinking. Educate yourself on the addiction so your brain recognizes the junkie thinking. Understand that you will go through a couple of days of discomfort and then learn to redirect your thoughts. The further you get away from smoking, the more power you achieve. Stay close to the forum, read through other people's quits. Realize you can do this!

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