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  1. Nope! Now why would I smoke on my son’s birthday? It’s a day of celebration!
  2. Exercise! Sugar-free candy, naps, carrots, dining out with family, message board, looking at horrible smoking pictures. That last one is really helpful
  3. I won’t smoke on Mother’s Day. Boy that would really suck! Happy mother’s day to all the ex-smokers out there.
  4. Sazerac you are right on. A crave is NOT A COMMAND! That has been very helpful in my quit. For you newbies you get really strong and good at letting craves pass. It does get easier with time. I also have turned to exercise early in my quit and it’s been the best thing for me. If you can replace smoking with exercising it creates a healthy new habit. I go to the gym now as easily as I used to light a cigarette. It’s a healthy powerful habit. I have hit a bit of a rough patch as of late and this happens. It was smooth sailing for the past 5 months and it just got hard. This is when you must absolutely “protect” your quit which is why I reached out for support. I will do whatever it takes to continue my quit. Btw, if you suffer from anxiety smoking does not help but makes it far worse!
  5. Hi my name is Mike. I am a former quit smoking forum member(miamimike) and I have 28 months smoke free. I have been feeling anxious lately and this has given me cravings. I wanted to renew my quit and commitment since I treasure my quit! I have reaped so many health benefits from not smoking I love being an ex-smoker. I’m also here to support the newbies!

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