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  1. The irony is that I’m currently suffering with the worst cough I’ve had in years! At least it’s guilt free!
  2. Thanks guys! Am celebrating and wondering where the hell 2 years went! If only time went so quickly in the early days!
  3. Congratulations Ethan! 2 years goes so fast and I’m chomping at your heels!
  4. Lol! I don't think you over-reacted at all! I think you should get on Twitter or a n other form of social lambasting and shout the crap out of them!! Twitter works wonders for complaining, just make sure you @ them and # your feelings!! PS, I probably wouldn't go back there for a while (if ever), such shocking service and attitude!!
  5. I'd just like to say that despite pissing everyone off here, I'd really like to stay to offer support and advice for newbie quitters. Can I just add that BKP a.k.a. Paul does not miss a trick! He has, I'm sure, a photographic memory in as much as you post something he will remember it! It's quite endearing. I'd love to post emoticons but I can't seem to do that on my iPads!
  6. Nancy, I was so not ignored on here! I got a lot of congratulations which I appreciated. I thought long and hard how to re-write my post on qsmb but could not find away to make it any less horrible than it was so felt it was best to leave it as was and take it on the chin, I deserved it! I just had too much wine last night and never learn not to drink and SM! It really was a case of extremely bad timing for qsmb to go down and I am really ashamed of myself. On the plus side, I'm still smoke free!
  7. You are all way too kind! I'm still sat in my naughty corner feeling very bad indeed. I'm horrified at what I posted as usually I am quite a nice person. So, I'm going to apologise once again to all you lovely people, I am genuinely upset to have been so thoughtless.
  8. Sorry everyone! I heartily apologise, I didn't mean to cause offence! No excuse for my poor attitude at all! Taking myself off to the naughty corner for a while! BKP, I didn't actually say I got no congratulations, I was saying I had no new notifications but I realise now that was because no-one could log onto qsmb whereas everyone on here had congratulated me! I really am very sorry!
  9. Omg! I remember miscalculating my baccy on holiday in north Spain one year! I had to cycle round the whole town trying to ask non English speaking Spaniards where to buy tobacco! When I eventually found one I was in heaven as not only did they sell my rather non mainstream choice, but it was SO cheap! Stressful happy days which I never gave to go through again! How many times did I walk around camp sites (our choice of holiday!) braving myself to ask to 'bum' a fag! Sorry to any Americans but in the U.K. A fag is a cigarette!
  10. Aw, thanks everyone! I am truly touched! @bkp, your memory is awesome! Yes, I have been through a lot, more than I actually moaned about publically and to keep my quit has proved it is my forever quit! Happy days!
  11. Not nearly CP - a whole one!! :victory:
  12. I too come from QSMB which was invaluable in assisting my quit. Gutted to have had to leave (I can still see the board but can't sign in to post) and I know it's incredibly selfish of me but why oh why did the site have to go down the day before my party???? Waaaaaah! Thanks for the kind welcome here and please join me in celebrating today!
  13. Hi Everyone, Late to finding this board but hoping you'll all join me in celebrating my 1 year anniversary today! :imnewhere:

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