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16 August ... grateful to be on the train



hoping to stick to the boards for the next few days. 

having oral surgery mid day tomorrow. losing chewing surfaces on one side and do not know how/when I will be able to replace ...or even if possible.  deeply regretful about some of my life choices and having a hard time being in acceptance around the consequences of my choices.

getting married in a monthish.  never thought I would and it's kind of weirding me out.  RoLlERcOaStErInG....VERY high or VERY low.....very much going for even keeled. lol.

breathe ... and again.


HUGE old behavioral push to go get cigarettes and caffine filled soda to work through some items that need doing.   What a maroon! 


grateful that.....

I get to and have been spending time with people I care deeply about

lake is there for humidity break....instant attitude adjustment  (if only I go do it....)

my marvelous man loves me and wants to be with me even at my worst

I learn

I am able and wiling to do things differently

I have the gift of helth

people I hold dear have the gift of health

my survival needs are fully met

my thrivival needs are manily met

I am FREE from nicotine slavery




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Hey !  You're going to be a married lady !  I think that is splendid.


and hey....you do not want to be smoking with oral surgery.

Your recovery time will be an nth of what it was as a smoker.


Treat yourself to your kindness.

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Congrats, on getting married and finding a special man to spend your smoke free life with you.  You will be so grateful for having quit as you enjoy many years together.  Smoking does pay it's toll on the teeth and gums.  Many of us have endured lots of oral surgery and loss of teeth.  I hope yours goes well and you recover quick.

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