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25 march - 14 days free



Wow! I really don't know how it's been 14 days already.


Body inventory:

no pain in lungs when breathing

taste and smell things  in  HD  - really enjoying the scent of woodlands in the rain

ear and throat irritation - allergies, covid-19, healing -  may never know for certain

tired - not sleeping too well lately, and hey, who is?


a bit more than a bit concerned that I am not doing the things that support a sturdy quit.... pre posting a current SOS for myself, refreshing my knowledge and understanding of addiction, etc

not really acknowledging my quit... unless I'm off the hook about something and craving....

                      lack of appreciation and maintenance   ... danger... warning  


Feeling great today. Haven't intentionally watched news in over 24 hours, pretty sure that has something to do with my spirits.  

did not get to have my island picnic last night.... I was too grumpy and tired by the time we returned to the house.

My guy is on edge ... every cough, throat itch, etc is magnified for him right now.  Deeply grateful we seem to be on opposite freak out/sadness schedules.  Makes it easier, I think, to hold space for each other.  Neither of us has had much contact with other people at all in the last 3 weeks. however people do come on site for work and servicing equipment.  Our state, Minnesota, is not on "safer at home" strategy now, yet.  oops, typed too soon...breaking radio news we will practice "safer at home" 3/27 - 4/11.   does that change what I am already doing?   no.  carry on.  


                                                                          grateful for ....

        quit train and the people and resources here

                     being ambulatory and balanced (mostly...)

     relationships that nourish my heart, mind and soul

                                         14 days of freedom from smoking...and the rest of my life

     walking in the woods in the spring rain

                     nourishing thoughts, words, choices, intentions, actions, environments

        laughter, silliness

                                 learning to dance with my marvelous man...pretty sure we're not doing the         box step correctly, and really don't care because I get to dance with the love of my life

                                            lifelong friends/family who know me well  - and still love me!

my senses because I experience some marvelous things with each of them....really appreciating birdsong right now


   OIP.ILZ4uQQdRBi0PmCrjMr8dAHaEK?w=272&h=1just a random dancing bird image....not yet seen with my own peepers


purposely chose a font size that shouted my gratitudes....apologies, if I hurt your eyes.   ha ha







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I love this darcy.  You can feel your confidence growing.  Life will just keep getting better and better! 

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"Haven't intentionally watched news in over 24 hours, pretty sure that has something to do with my spirits."


I am on a news blackout also, darcy !

  I only look at tweets from the City and only because I need to know if they have messed up the water and we can't shower.

They will text me on any updates I need to know.

The rest is not good for my mental health.


I am so happy you are feeling so positive about your quit.  I remember the first rumblings of that euphoria.  It fed me.





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Darcy you are doing great and you ARE maintaining and nourishing your quit by writing these blogs. One thing I did and highly suggest is every monthaversary I went back and read my old threads just so I wouldn't forget where I came from. Unfortunately they were all lost when my first forum suddenly disappeared but you may find that useful for you too 😊

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Right  I am NOT watching the news anymore

I am so pleased for you Darcy...I too can sense your enjoyment of life and your new found freedom from quiting.


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