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Day eh 24!!!



Wow I am almost at the 1 month quit experience! And it is.. eh yeah.. eventful to say the least.

My first week was an awesome high, my second week was a mix of coughs, colds, and mixed feelings..

Then the germany trip, week 3, that has set me back.. the ads and the availability got into my head, the romancing started again.. emotions flared up  and I have been trapped inside my head. I couldn't stop crying two days ago.. I almost convinced myself this quiting thing was not something I was strong enough for (-yes *ding ding ding* all the red flags there)

I had to force myself to pledge... but it got easier and I can actually socialize again and tell everyone I am sti here, on the train...


The only by-product now is that I have been so tense that my muscles are hurting like mad.. so I need to go and get a massage... which my autistic brain hates! (Like dentists and hairdressers.. or shopping in general.... )



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Quitting smoking is a journey and I have found a journey of self discovery, inner strength and inner peace as well.

Soon you will trust yourself on a profound level because you have stopped administering poison to yourself.


These changes, especially with newly quit emotions on the surface can easily trigger tears.

Sometimes our eyes need to be watered in order to grow.


Be kind to yourself, Vivianne.


You are changing your brain, your pleasure receptors that were once under nicotine's control are now, one by one, becoming YOURS.

Reward yourself to get your endorphins flowing appropriately.

Think of rewards as re-rehabilitating your brain because that is exactly what you are doing.


All this takes time so, have a little patience and protect your precious quit. Remember to Breathe !

Get that massage, you needn't make this quit any more uncomfortable than it may already be.

I think it is Boo who says, 'you don't get extra points for making this more difficult'.


I am so glad you are sharing your quit with us, with the world.  


Congratulations on day 24 and all the days ahead.  You quit smoking, baby !






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Oh yes, that first month is brutal and now you're almost through it :) We're so proud of you and love having you with us sharing your journey, xoxo


PS, I hate dentists, hairdressers and shopping too lol

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