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Unexpected cravings



A blog post about a craving at this time*? That must be one serious craving. 

And it is!


I know that I have gotten a pack in the middle of the night on more than one occasion. Get out of bed, put clothes on, get in the car and drive for 30 minutes to the nearest 24h gas station so I could smoke one and sometimes 2 before falling asleep without the thoughts of being out of cigs in the morning.


Time to take a step back and analyse this craving:

What I need right now: sleep

What triggered the craving: pattern based, being tired and hyper at the same time.

How I deal with it: analyse the hell oit of it, blog about it, breathe and do some relaxation exercises. 


Note to self: get some "goodnight" tea tomorrow


*1:09 am


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Sounds like you have a great plan in place Viv, and if worse comes to worse post an SOS and we'll slap  talk you out of it! You're doing AWESOME!!!!

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Those early days are trying for sure but you CAN get through them. Since smoking is no longer an option, you just need to find another way through those difficult moments.They are tough for sure but they will not always be with you. Better days are in your future :) 

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I am way too cozy and lazy now to give into anything anyway lol

The relaxation exercises work...

(And that thread of a slap scared me straight! Haha)

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Used to happen to me too when i was a bit excited , i always thought a smoke would complete me when i was excited .

But , keep fighting



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Well done V ...

That Nico Monster is a pain in the ass.... appearing from nowhere ...

Always be ready to Zap him ...

He will slowly get weaker and give up ....

The only way is fight ...

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