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Please, Take Your LIVES Seriously


In 'real' life and here on the QTrain, I see people being careless

about their lives and their quit,

like they have all the time in the world !

'I'll quit next week, maybe tomorrow, I'll quit again sometime'.


Are they not understanding how dangerous smoking is ?

It's a friggin' Slow Suicide !

The ramifications are Horrible.

This is no joke.

Ask our beautiful friend, Doreen !


I, too, used to be casual about quitting, casual about smoking.

so, it is no surprise to see others in Denial.

I wasn't listening to any kind of Sense, or Logic, or TRUTH, either.

Then, suddenly, I 'got it'

and thanks to the information here,

I educated myself about Nicotine Addiction.


After that, there was simply no other choice

except to Quit and be Quick about it !

I would no longer live as a Slave, or die as one either !


I wish I could give that Eureka moment to everybody struggling with addiction

but, I don't know what happened or why.

At a certain point, I listened and Understood

and I give this to you,

Understand your addiction, and Be Free of it.

Your Lives are Precious.

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I agree about the slow suicide! I was born with great health, but I can feel the cigarettes sucking all the life out of me!

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