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Mind consuming!





So far, so good! By the way I have not yet fallen into temptation, why did I type 'yet" hmmmm - dislike! re-type, I have not fallen into temptation. However, my thoughts are constantly on smoking, which isn't completely abnormal as I have realised they always were, I never really smoked in the day due to the nature of my job, once home my daughter needs me so I would usually have to wait until the evening anyway, by which time it would feel like taking off a very tight, uncomfortable shoe and pure relief when I could smoke (Allen Carr's analogy). Therefore, I would be looking forward to something all day, and now I'm not, but I am ok with it thanks to this fantastic site, I am reading on here everyday reminding myself why I am now a non-smoker.


I am not convinced I believe myself to be a non-smoker, wondering when it will be that a cave in, I will keep listening to the sensible part of me and still take one day at a time as it is early days. Already seen some benefits such as spending more time with my daughter, feel cleaner, skin has improved already I'm sure of it and I am coping ok, even my husband popping outside every 20mins for a smoke isn't affecting me too much.


I know we are supposed to carry our lives on as normal but for the time being I don't wish to be tempted by evenings out which I know will include wine consumption for me so have decided on the gym tomorrow night and I will be designated driver to a sausage and beer festival on Sunday.


Off to bed, feeling productive! :)

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It's a true gift and a journey of self discovery you're on. Try and be gentle and less pressured with yourself. One day at a time will serve you well. Be excited for the times when it feels like a downhill slide rather than the times that feel tricky - it helps to acknowledge both.


You are doing amazing and tracking it this way is fabulous, both for you and you never do know if someone will jump based on reading your words one day and become a non smoker too.


The age old question shall be answered, you are already a non smoker :)  There is only smoker or non smoker and you have more than earnt the more coveted title, great work!!

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I would find that really hard, dropping the thing you always looked forward to.  Can you replace it with something?  A walk, a book an anything that you can look forward to?


You rock :)

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Thanks, weekends are sooooo hard! Work all day, gym then arrive home where loads needs doing......feeling cross, angry, tired, fed up. I'm on the vapour.


Cross that I feel cross, this is my choice, I wanna do it, but feeling hard done by tonight - how stupid I know.

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You are doing it!!! Freedom !!  Glad to see you here and posting.


I am in my third week of smobriety... for the most part it has been easy, ...maybe too easy?..., I feel  like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.  then other times it's been an emotional rollercoaster.   I'M Taking Marti's suggestion to you, for myself,  and  recognizing the down hills and the struggles... I can learn from both!...and stay free.


nope, nope, nope

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