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  1. Hello campers, I more than survived my camping weekend away, it was more relaxing than I ever imagined. There were 'breaks' in the bar during bingo for those that needed it, I happily kept the children entertained whilst others took their 'break', infact, I spent every minute with them, no hiding behind the tent (how sad!), no extra long toilet trips, no passive smoking for them, just a simple, fun weekend away! I do feel a little disappointed that I felt like I needed the vapour in the evening, something I will need to address as really don't want to be reliant on anything and have that panic feeling when you go out without something. Still, I won't give myself a hard time, at this moment I have only one rule....NOPE! My husband gave me some praise last night, he is now seriously considering stopping and has promised not to smoke on holiday, brilliant, I wasn't expecting that. Happy days! It's not easy but I'm giving it my all
  2. Struggling, hence on here....liking this post because it's exactly how I feel, almost 3 weeks in, can't give in now, but so easy, the cigs are just out there, by the back door (husband smokes)......Disappointed with myself with how much I want one, been fine all week. Bed time!!!!
  3. Decided to log everything, I'm writing a food diary, a gym diary, a smoking diary......rather productive actually, only takes 5 mins a day but I'm learning a lot through it. I have become obsessed by the gym, doing weights for the first time in my life, seriously, in two weeks (I'm going every day) cannot believe the change in my body, I have back problems so i have a mobility programme, I feel quite strong. Normally I would do a 30 mile bike ride, or train for half marathon without spending anytime in the gym, hence I then suffer with muscle strain of some sort....now I'm getting stronger I feel confident in entering some events next year. I went to the neighbours tonight, they are Italian, we cooked, we ate, we drank, we had fun..without smoking! I did think about it and my husband kept disappearing, but I didn't have to interrupt the evening with me popping out constantly. Staying focused..swimming tomorrow, with more lung capacity than usual. Being honest, still wanna fag! :-(
  4. I've been to a festival today with family and friends, I didn't mind the smell of smoke from others wafting my way but all in all it was no problem, I drove so I wouldn't drink which was helpful. I'm noticing people smoking so much now, first I think "ooh that looks nice" then I think "but I won't poison myself today!" Feeling rather chuffed today. I'm also concentrating at looking at the non-smokers, are they enjoying themselves any less because they are not smoking? Of course not. Today was a good day :-)
  5. Congrats on your smobriety, fantastic your finding it easy, keep up the good work. Nope
  6. Hi, This post is brilliant!, really helped me tonight. My In-laws are wonderful, loving, caring people, they love to cook and always provide a great spread at least three times a year.....I generally get a little grumpy whilst driving there because I know I can't smoke (I probably could have done and been my true self but really didn't want to hurt their feelings, as far as they knew, I gave up 8 years ago!). I will escape!
  7. Thanks, weekends are sooooo hard! Work all day, gym then arrive home where loads needs doing......feeling cross, angry, tired, fed up. I'm on the vapour. Cross that I feel cross, this is my choice, I wanna do it, but feeling hard done by tonight - how stupid I know.
  8. Thank you so much Marti, really, thank you!
  9. Thanks everyone, It is getting easier, that's what I'm telling myself! (because it's not), back on the vapours tonight - got home really late as a colleague called in sick, no cover as usual. However, focusing on the downward slides too (Marti! ;-)) good tip......so determined to do this, it is taking me an hour a day to focus, re-think, read etc but a very worthwhile hour indeed! Hanging on in there :-/
  10. Hello, So far, so good! By the way I have not yet fallen into temptation, why did I type 'yet" hmmmm - dislike! re-type, I have not fallen into temptation. However, my thoughts are constantly on smoking, which isn't completely abnormal as I have realised they always were, I never really smoked in the day due to the nature of my job, once home my daughter needs me so I would usually have to wait until the evening anyway, by which time it would feel like taking off a very tight, uncomfortable shoe and pure relief when I could smoke (Allen Carr's analogy). Therefore, I would be looking forward to something all day, and now I'm not, but I am ok with it thanks to this fantastic site, I am reading on here everyday reminding myself why I am now a non-smoker. I am not convinced I believe myself to be a non-smoker, wondering when it will be that a cave in, I will keep listening to the sensible part of me and still take one day at a time as it is early days. Already seen some benefits such as spending more time with my daughter, feel cleaner, skin has improved already I'm sure of it and I am coping ok, even my husband popping outside every 20mins for a smoke isn't affecting me too much. I know we are supposed to carry our lives on as normal but for the time being I don't wish to be tempted by evenings out which I know will include wine consumption for me so have decided on the gym tomorrow night and I will be designated driver to a sausage and beer festival on Sunday. Off to bed, feeling productive! :)
  11. Hi Marti, Today is a very good day thank you for asking, I don't get home til 8pm on a Monday so although I usually look forward to coming home and enjoying a couple of cigs, I barely thought about it, how great is that! By the time I'd eaten, watched a program I wanted to see, tidied up it was time for bed, ok so I wouldn't usually be in bed as early as this but I can't smoke here!! I told my Mum today, I really wanted to wait a bit longer until I had a few weeks under my belt but couldn't help myself, she looked at me as if she knew I meant it this time (she has heard me say I was gonna quit on many occasions). A proud moment, I'd hate to tell her I started again, but that's not going to happen. Evenings are definitely a trigger but I realise distraction is the key, perhaps I should write a list of distractions, with the schools breaking up for summer this week it means my daughter will be up later so I'll plan some nice things to do with her, that'll help. First camping trip in 2 weeks but am going with a non-smoker, I'll still need my vapour though, not sure why but I usually smoke loads whilst camping. Although I am thinking positive and besides, that's 2 weeks away, still taking it day by day at the moment. Tina
  12. NOPE! :D Day 8 - how do you guys get the timeline banner?
  13. Thanks Ria, he does feel awful! I hope he tries again soon, he'll get lots of encouragement from me. I too have a sneaky suspicion I'll succeed!
  14. Thanks, all good advice as expected! Feel like I have let myself down!! Great day, great evening! Now spoilt because everyone is in bed, felt desperate, reached for the 'smoking box' and have had a few puffs on a vapour! :unsure:

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