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  1. I would find that really hard, dropping the thing you always looked forward to. Can you replace it with something? A walk, a book an anything that you can look forward to? You rock :)
  2. Let the bank balance expand! The tabacco company shareholders have profitted enough from my labours, they are going to have to cut back somewhere! My name is Beth, and I had my first cigerette, in a friends garage, when I was 10. I'm sure she stole it off her father. Over the years, I have counted pennies many times to buy cigerettes. They have been my friend through dark times, well I thought they were - turns out they were just spending all my money and ruining my lung capacity. So, goodbye to that jerk! As always, these break-ups are hard. A person requires emotional support and encouragement to turn their backs and walk away for the last time. So - thanks for being here you all :) I'll be 50 next year, and I want my money back! Well - I do - but, I'll be content with keeping my money from now on :)
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    Thanks! I don't know how to reply to individual comments - I need a button - something clear and obvious. So, just a general thanks for the info and encouragement. Day 2, feeling good :)
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    I'll be 50 next year. i don't want to think about how many dreams I couldn't afford over the years, while I continued to buy cigerettes. It's so suductive. It's only a few dollars at a time. I'm always going to quit tomorrow, next week, soon. Enough! I am currently doing a nutritional program where I cannot enjoy even a glass of wine - and wine and smoking was always unquestionably linked for me. So, this is it. We are a go. I am keeping on my nutritional program via a check in group and I hope this group will serve the same purpose for quiting smoking. I'm going to be able to meet my daughter in Hawaii at Christmas (she is in Asia, I am in North America) because I am not spending any more money on cigerettes. Then, next year, I'll follow some other adventure - because I will be healthy (I am not unhealthy, but healthier) and my pockets will have jingle. Thanks in advance for your support :)

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