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Much better.




Sigh..I made it through another day smoke free. I'm so freaking relieved. I am grateful! Nite nite QT

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Aww Babe, some bits of the quit just plain suck and others feel like you;re surfing a wave. When it feels tough just remember "this too shall pass", I try and think it if I feel really great, to ensure I enjoy the moment and also when things feel plain awful, so I know it will go.


Exercise, shhhhh, but it's not as bad as it sounds!!  I know right, dead weird but it's ok :)  Do you have fitness tv channels? I just recorded some yoga and toning type programs and engage in 20 mins here and there. And upped my walking. Would consider the gym thing but visions of having to take the kids and them pegging it round like nutters rule it out lol.


Do be greatful though and mindful of yourself and what you need. This is an amazing gift you are giving yourself and it's alright to take it one step at a time. xx

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