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I love almond joy candy bars.




So I'm sitting at my desk at lunch and eating an almond joy.

I just love them. I love chocolate.

Needless to say, my weight is still the same as well.. too much.

Not going up, though. Yay.


Anyway, I am so happy to be smoke free today.

I am going through the process of moving homes.

My landlord decided to sell the house we (my family) rent.

She didn't tell us and whamo, a bit over 3 weeks to move.

What the?!?!

Anyway, I had a freak out, I almost smoked but then I didn't.

I know by now that it wouldn't solve anything, just make me feel worse.

I used the tools I have learned from you people and am still smoke free!

Can I have a "hallelujiah"!

Signed a lease on another place and will be moving at the end of the month.

I am going to buy a house in the next 2 years if it kills me.


I've been comin' round these parts since November of 2011 and I have 28 days today.

Sometimes it frustrates me. Boooooo!

Of course, I know that as long as I don't smoke today, it will all be OK.

I can deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.


(((hugs to all of you)))

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here is your  "hallelujiah"


Your right...tomorrow is tomorrow..worry about it THEN...today,..all is good!


((((hugs)))) back at ya!...your doing great!!!

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Moving sucks! Think about how you won't get winded lifting furniture now though. I am sooo happy for you that you are keeping positive. Remember, any discomfort is temporary.

I love almond joy too <3

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