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Rewarding Yourself For Not Smoking





Quit Date: 6/2/13


Posted June 16, 2015 


How do you reward yourself for not smoking?  It's okay to spend some of that money you saved from not smoking.  In the very beginning of my quit, I rewarded myself quite a bit because it was important to me.  Nothing extravagant really.  When I hit a year quit, I purchased a pair of spin shoes.  


Two years quit now, my how time flies.  I have a Jawbone UP and have had to send it back more than once.  They send a new one, no questions asked over and over.  Guess they are having problems lol.  Have been really getting tired of it all and had been thinking about upgrading.  So, I order online my two year reward this morning and it already arrived somehow tonight, a Garmin Vivosmart and a HRM.


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In another month (April) I will be able to purchase a new recliner for my living room with money I have saved this month so far. And with money saved next month I will be able to get the 500 dollar recliner on sale for 350 dollars.  Feels so good to actually not be broke before the end of the month. 

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Today I made my first purchase as an ex-smoker, I got a new purse. It is special to me because I could choose the purse that is too small to fit in a pack of cigarettes. :)

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I really took the reward concept to heart...in the beginning of my quit it was small things every week. Rewarded myself every week for the first year! Then I started saving up for bigger things...and this month I just purchased a 10 x 12 shed and will install a potting table along one wall (w help from the bf!) for my gardening tasks. It should arrive at the end of March...just in time for planting season. I have so many add'l plans for my "She Shed"...can hardly wait! 😉🪴🌼🏡👩‍🌾

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