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Quit Date: 02/04/2015


Posted May 17, 2015 · IP 


It has taken me awhile to figure out that the anxiety I have been experiencing since week 6 of my quit (now in week 15) is not directly related to quitting.


Not smoking is the peaceful part of my life.


The anxiety was there before I quit. I probably used smoking to try to keep the anxiety in check. I don't recall having "anxiety attacks" when I smoked.


I have opted to use natural supplements, which are helping. This weekend I picked up a workbook on using DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) to quell anxiety through cognitive and emotional restructuring --- that is, simply put, training my mind to not be anxious. I need to reprogram the software in my brain.


I had gotten in the habit of being anxious. I now need to learn how to do life in a new way.


I know that people sometimes relapse because they find they are more anxious not smoking and feel they can't cope. They think it is because they miss smoking. This was me in the past, before I joined QT and got educated. I never even considered that my anxiety had nothing to do with quitting smoking.  I used smoking to try to calm myself, but that probably made everything worse! I certainly felt like a physical wreck, and it's pretty hard to cope when you have smoking related headaches, respiratory distress, fatigue and a host of other physical problems. Now I have none of these physical problems.


The good people on this site prodded me a bit to look closer, and to observe what was going on with my life. That is the beauty of QT...that quitters know the journey of self-discovery takes time and patience. (I especially remember Tracey suggesting this in a very gentle way.)


I was a little bummed out to realize this state of being anxious was something lurking beneath my smoking addiction. However, accepting that this is something I have to work on is far better than endlessly relapsing, which is very bad for self confidence.


Strength to strength. I think I read that somewhere on this site. That's how I see the non smoking journey. Moving forward, growing, and evolving. Saying n.o.p.e. is the first step.


Lurkers who may be reading this...there is great HOPE --- and the promise that you will never again have to experience a disappointing relapse.


I know I was like many...feeling scared to try to quit again, just thinking it would end in relapse.


There is a way...to never, never, never relapse again, and to forever embrace the freedom of not smoking. The way can be found right here, right now, on QT.


QT helped me to see I never again have to think about relapse because I have the skills now to be a nonsmoker for life. I have freedom from smoking forever


Link to original post: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/5348-anxiety-antidote/


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Jillar, I have been spending a lot of my time looking back at my life. I suffered anxiety from a very young age.  My Dad died when I was 3 years old. I do not have any memories of him.  I do feel that something happened that scarred me for life.  There had to something that caused my panic attacks. Back then in the 1960s I don't think doctors had a clue.  

They did not know what was happening or how to help me.  So we went along, me doing the best I could with this terrible fear of everything. I still have this happen once in awhile. that feeling where you can't breathe, you get hot all over, you are dizzy, and need to throw up.  I went through therapy  before my son was born,  I did not want my child to go through this.  i did want them to see me struggle with normal life.  I was successful, he had a normal life, a normal Mom, Some of it was hard for me but I was able to hide it from him. I must admit that I am tired, i have no strength left to deal with my anxiety.  At this point I am okay with it.  I am happy, calm and peaceful.  It is such a great relief to let these things go and look to the future.


























































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