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A tale of two husbands...which will you be?





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Posted December 30, 2015 · IP 


Doreen and I were talking, and realized our husbands are the same age, 66.  That is about the only thing they have in common.  I am going to tell you first about my husband, Dennis, and then Doreen will be along to tell you about Tony. Hopefully there are smokers who will read this who still have the opportunity to choose which husband and father they would like to be.


Dennis is a never smoker.  At 66, he still works 40 hours a week.  He enjoys golf, and boating.  He maintains our home and houseboat.  As many of you know, this past year he and his 70 year old brother totally remodeled the upstairs of our home. They took the kitchen down to the studs and rebuilt (and Dennis was still working 40 hours each week).  Dennis recently walked his oldest daughter down the aisle with pride.  He loves life and has a wonderful laugh.  He takes medicine to control blood pressure and cholesterol, but is in great health otherwise.


Doreen will tell you about Tony, soon. 



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Posted December 30, 2015 · 

I carnt post pictures, but I'm sure Tony would not want you all to see how sick he looks...

Tony has end stage emphysema... He smoked until he physically couldn't put a cigarette in his mouth and smoke it..

It takes all the strength and breath he has ..to just get out of bed in the morning...with my help...

After a rest...he needs my help to wash...shave..

Chair lift gets him downstairs...gets settled in a chair..where he stays till we have a bedtime routine.

Emergency ambulances ,and hospital is never too far away...lung infections are almost on going..

Doctors fight to keep pneumonia at bay...

Because his blood doesn't retain oxygen...he needs a machine 16 hours a day....

Sleeping with the mask on and the machine going all night is only half of it...

Tony relies on me for everything...as sooon as he tries to move ...he is breathless...

I have watched him the last 14 years slowly get worse ,this is a very cruel illness.

I have shortened this thread...I could write a book...

Tony and I don't know just how bad this will get...we live our lives on a daily basis..

If you are out there reading this...wanting to quit...please do it now..

I thank Nancy ....brilliant idea..


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Tragic, sad, and beautiful all at the same time. Thank you ladies for sharing your lives to help others. 🤗

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So sad, thank you beautiful ladies for sharing your stories and paying it forward

to be here to try and help others from this wicked addiction. You are very brave

and deserve a thank you from all the people you have helped.❤❤🤗🤗

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